Are the timings of the Poker contest changeable?

Hello Community Support and Nick
What I want to ask here is can the timing of the tournaments for poker are changeable?
I mean Yesterday the Poker game begin half hour before Midnight at my local time and the last I made was at 2.10 AM in the morning and the game was still half way to the finish.

What I mean to say is that it's really very difficult for me to able to awake whole night.

So if the tournament's timing can be changed then it'll be very good option and I can play it too.
Pawan Sansanwal

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Hello, thank you for your question. At this moment Dukascopy Poker tournaments are scheduled in a way that Poker games will not interfere with active trading sessions. Daily Tournaments start @ 18:00 UTC and Weekly @ 20:00 UTC. Only Lottery draws are scheduled @ 14:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC as these type of tournaments do not require much of the Players attention. As Poker Tournaments will gain more popularity we will be rescheduling some of the Tournaments for the weekends.

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16 May 2013 by

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Hi, Daily and Weekly Poker Tournament last too long. Duration Blinds times are too large. Dukascopy I request that tournaments are somewhat less durable. Also you can lower the bet time to 10 seconds. Thank you.


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Ek0 14 Jan.

As of today, January 2014... I think the bet times are too small. They need to be increased to 15 seconds. Your tournament structure is fine as of today in my opinion since only first place receives a prize. The structure should be a bit fast. You really need to fix the cash game tables and add some sort of incentive besides PKR for entry fees. Based on the daily entry fee of PKR in relationship to the prize pool and minimum players required, each PKR is worth .5555. If you allowed a cash out of like $100 increments with PKR, Im sure people would be more inclined to play cash games.

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