ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Error happened often

I used one of my strategy for living account. I used "remote run" mode.
The strategy come from visual jforex. I tested it for last year history tick data.
Everything is OK so I remote run it in my living account.
At the beginning the strategy runs well. But after a few days, it stopped.
I just read the strategy log. it says "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 @ com.dukascopy.visualforex.tradingwithea.Add130subtract90.CCI_block_126("

And I found the line:438. It is just a normal code as the following

if ((new Double(((double [])indicatorResult[0])[0])) == null) {
this._cci126 = Double.NaN;
} else {
this._cci126 = (((double [])indicatorResult[0])[0]);

I thought CCI is just a normal indicator. And I tried another indicators like RSI, ADX.

But still no good news. The strategy always run a few days then be stopped due to ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error.

Does anyone meet the same problem? Add your comment please. Thank you!

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This may happen if you run the above code when markets are closed. Solution is to add code that filters out trading on weekends.

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