Orders closed at market

What are the rules regarding closing orders at the market price?

-Are traders allowed to manually close orders?
-If not what happens when I close some of the orders manually?
-When I close orders manually I can see they are marked as "Closed at Market" in my profile->trade feed, but at the same time I can see other traders who have their orders closed at the price different from TP/SL and not marked as "Closed at Market". How is that achievable? Is it some kind of Backdoor left open, or it is absolutely legal way and those orders still count in final results?

Thanks for your answers.

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Knaz_RA 4 Feb.

Поддержу. По графику видно что трейдеры закрываются вручную-но при этом у них все те же 50 очков-хотя по правилам они уже нарушили качество ! =/

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Order closed at market means you close the order manually at market price and if you do so, according to trading rules in trader contest, you will loose conditional order points. While closing order at set TP or SL is calculated as conditional order for this, you will get conditional order points.

Even you close order manually, nothing is wrong and it is fully legal way. For more details, you can read Ranking Calculation Rule here:

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