how I can add the RSI for each two chart in one window in jForex platform I mean 2 currencies with 2 RSI in one window

I add two chart in one window . for example main chart is EUR-USD then I add an instrument AUD-CHF . these two charts are in one window to compare them. but I need to add RSI for these two pairs but just the RSI of one pair (for example EUR-USD) will appear in that window .I want RSI for two currencies in one window. Is it possible?

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Illya 11 Dec.

By the way. That Indicator that I gave you, has a mistake in line 1. U substitute line 1 with this
"package com.dukascopy.indicators;"  Like here on the picture

To chage a second instrument see a picture 2.

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MaziarE 12 Dec.

Thank you for your help

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Illya 12 Dec.

Your welcome!

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Yes u can! Please follow to , find in indicator section "RSI Correlation" ! It has ability to use a multi-instrument option.

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11 Dec. 2015 by

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