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Cooking fresh olives.

Hello my friends!
I want to share with you a recipe for cooking fresh olives.
I was recently on the market and saw a strange green plums and when I asked the seller that it was he said it's olives.
I was ecstatic!!! =)
I really love olives! I now can prepare their own and fill in beautiful jars.
Here is a Greek recipe that I found ->
In preparation technology of 4 stages:
1 Cross-section or a slight crushing. (Often olives are not flogged or not crushed).
2 Soak the olives in water for a week o…
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Stix avatar
Stix 15 Sep.

Thank you ! :) :)

VictoriaVika avatar

Testy and less calories, I like. Also very good for skin nutrition.

semperaugustus avatar

I think when god created olives, his job was done. He only created humans to make up the recipes for olives.

RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 26 Dec. that's how to make home-made olive oil

Debian avatar
Debian 30 Sep.

Recuerdo cuando vivía en el pueblo, que íbamos a coger estas aceitunas directamente del árbol, para prepararlas; pero también, luego para la producción de aceite de oliva.

España es el primer productor mundial de aceite de oliva y este pueblo está en la provincia (Jaén) y denominación de origen (Sierra Mágina) de mayor producción de España.

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Two bottles of 0.5 liters

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Olga18375 avatar
Olga18375 10 Sep.

нужно без стопов)

Nti_ avatar
Nti_ 10 Sep.


nastiatru avatar
nastiatru 11 Sep.

Было несколько остоновок. За то место выбрано что надо!

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My beautiful summer

My summer has just begun but if you take the standard understanding of the summer I spent it successfully. I realized over the summer myself conceived plans. Im very happy.
I've been in countries historically spiritual and touched with cultures such as Greece, Egypt. I wanted to go to Italy, but decided to postpone for another time.
I got the perfect escape this summer.
Summer began with a trip to Greece.
I visited the Acropolis from your list of dream.
In Athens, I specifically went to the acr…
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