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May god bless everyone a healthy body

Hi my lovely community,
I haven't wrote my blog for long ..
Anyone here missing me?
I guess I may have at least a few fandoms LOL
Anyway, I just wanna take a good rest from the contest
and recover from my illness .... my illness lasts forever ..
It is good to have someone care about you when you are sick
remind you to take the medicine on time
buy you some vitamin supplements
bring you lovely cup cake to cheer you up
(LOL my pills are as colorful as the cupcakes)
It is the privilege of being a p
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Take care of yourself, Peachy :)  Yes, pills look very testy, LOL!

DominguezV avatar

Mejórate pronto!

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Cuídate y recupérate pronto amiga.

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verindur 10 Dec.

Yes Miss : )))))))))) There is one big advantage of being sick. You discover real people in your life and you become so polite. Love you peachy. I am sure you wil be fine.

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RahmanSL 26 Dec.

I think, in the not too distant future, to live a healthy life humans just need to pop in some pills and do away with the mundane necessity of eating different meat and vegetables.

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Delicate patisserie cure illness

I have been sick for a weeks...
Sore throat, headache,non-stop coughing
I really hate taking medicines or consulting doctor
I am just a little girl ..I dont like swallowing pills ..It is bitter
When I was sick, I treasure the healthy moment ...
At least I can do whatever I want, eat whatever I like
I was forbidden to eat chips, spicy food or anything which would irritate my throat
And I was asked to sleep earlier , like 12am ...
Normally I sleep at 2,3am because there is the time difference
8 ho…
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looks tasty :D

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MobNaga 7 Dec.


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Cool Ice-Cream Desserts suitable for 4 seasons

Hi my lovely community members,
How is autumn in your country? Is it cold and freezing?
What about having some more excitement in the cold autumn?
Today I gonna introduce you some brilliant Ice-Cream Desserts
I guess delicious Ice-Cream Desserts is suitable for four seasons!
Ice-Cream Desserts in summer? It is perfect!
Ice-Cream Desserts in autumn and winter? It is great either muhahah
I remember I still ate Ice-Cream when I was in freezing UK and it was below 5 degree
Even if you are in…
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langoi 11 Jan.

Cream Pie is nice

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