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Morning daily tournament changes

Dear players,
With the intention to make one daily tournament shorter, we have reduced blind level duration to 5 minutes and limited rebuys to 1.
The evening tournament conditions remain the same.
Have a great day!
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Olga18375 avatar
Olga18375 18 Feb.

Have a great day too!! :)

mikakun avatar
mikakun 20 Feb.

not all ideas can be good & reducing the level duration is imho a really bad one.

past level 10, it is no more poker, but complete lottery. but there are already lotteries in the lobby so it feels redondant...

(& i'm not saying this because my aces were cracked in the final by a dustbin that had no other choice than to follow because blinds were so high)

please revert or increase at the very least to 7'30 (or  make that new fold/allin tournament a different tournament... you can call it speedos or whatever so we now what to expect)

Marky avatar
Marky 5 Mar.


who do i need to contact to claim my cash prize for daily tournament? I've won the US$100 on 4 Mar 15.

Appreciate your help to point me in the right direction. Thanks

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Very good news! More money.

Some of you have probably noticed that instead of 50USD this week they have been receiving 100USD for the daily tournament. And no, it's not a mistake.
2015 will bring more cash for those who will play! Please see new prize structure below:
DAILY tournament: 1st place - 100USD
WEEKLY tournament:
1st place - 500 USD
2nd place - 200 USD
3rd place - 150 USD
4th-6th - 100USD
Grand Prix:
1st place - 1 500 USD
2nd place - 1 000 USD
3rd place - 700 USD
4th place - 500 USD
5th place - 350 USD
6th place …
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POKER is back

Yesterday there were some tech issues on poker server but now everything is resolved and ready for card action.
Enjoy your daily poker tournaments, free cash and PKR's.
Have a nice day!
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