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after all this time I left the world of trading.
I finally returned.
hello all my friends, I've left behind so many trades than you. please help and cooperation
23 Nov.

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The general perception that women are shopaholics who love to spend and are very bad investors could very well be a thing of the past with more and more women taking responsibility for their earnings and investment. This is critical nowadays where single incomes are increasingly no match for runaway inflation.
A well planned double income often becomes essential to realise investment goals effectively for a secure future and comfortable retirement.
When saving, women need to keep the bigger picture in mind and save for themselves as well as for their family. However, it is simply not enough just to save money, women have to master the art of investing in order to increase returns, increase financial independence and maximise lifestyle possibilities in the present as well as during retirement.
Currently, many women have an interest in education, in business, in investing-for-income, investing-for-growth, investing-for-retirement, in acquiring higher financial intelligence, in buy-and-hold investing, in property investing, in accessing essential investment research and market information highlighting and explaining interesting opportunities, in learning how to make capital work in various aspects of day to day life, in learning about government initiatives, in learning about laws and how these are navigated advantageously.
Analysts confirm that the market for aspiring and sophisticated women is huge and growing with particular groups identified all over the globe including all of the obvious territories but also particularly the middle-east where women are estimated to control and influence 22 per cent of the wealth in the region (around $500 billion).
As women in general become more liberated, more informed, more inspired and more educated; as more and more take on responsibility for contributing towards the household income, the opportunity for more female-centric investment management and education solutions emerges and brings with it

2 Dec.