Members will add a link to Instagram with a short Ho-ho-ho-video (maximum duration is 1 minute) to the page of the Contest. Top 100 contestants with the most original and fun video greetings in Santa Claus style will get a cash reward from Dukascopy Bank SA.

Aim of the contest

To give Christmas gifts to the Community members for a simple and fun activity – video greetings in Santa Claus style (the phrase “Dukascopy 911 knows everything! Ho-ho-ho!” must appear in the greeting).

How to participate

Anyone older than 18 years is eligible for participating in the contest.

To take part in the contest, you have to:

  1. Sign in to Dukascopy Community. The registration to the contest is open until January 2 2018.
  2. Add a link to the Instagram with a greeting video in the necessary field.
  3. Wait for your video to be approved by moderators.

Legal requirements

The Contestant allows their data to be used for all aims and purposes foreseen by this Contest. By providing the link to the video created as part of the Contest, the Contestant fully and irrevocably transfers all rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, to the video and waives any objections and limitations on the use of the video, the place or the time of its publication, uploading and storage to Dukascopy Bank SA. The Contestant confirms that, following the verification of the video by moderators, all rights are transferred to Dukascopy Bank SA, and the Contestant waives any right to object to the use of the said video on any resources as seen fit by Dukascopy Bank SA, its affiliates and/or partners.

Contest Timeline

The contest is held from December 22 2017 until January 2 2018.


Dukascopy Santa will choose 100 lucky winners, who will get 50 euros per account in Dukascopy Bank.

More views mean more chances to get into the top 100:

  1. Share the contest page.
  2. Post the link to your video greetings in Community Blog with the #dukascopy911hohoho tag.
  3. Share your video with your friends on your pages in social networks with the #dukascopy911hohoho tag.

Few videos

It is allowed to upload more than 1 video, but the prize will be credited only for 1 video.


100 contestants will get 50 euros to their account in the Dukascopy Bank.

Receiving the prize

The contestant has the right to compete for the prize if the following terms are fully followed:

  • The terms and conditions of this contest are observed;
  • The legal requirements are observed.

Other rules and policies

Dukascopy reserves the right to use any information published by contestants as part of its contests for its own purposes without consulting the authors first. These purposes may include any activities to promote the contest, advertising, collecting stats etc.

Winners must provide Dukascopy with documents confirming the identity of the contestant. In case the contestant refuses, Dukascopy has the right to withhold the prize of award it to the next best contestant.

Dukascopy reserves the right to disqualify a contestant without explanation, to change the contest rules, requirements, and awards, without prior notice and at any time and at its sole discretion.

We expect contestants to be reasonable with what they post. The code of conduct shall not be violated. Please avoid the following topics in the Dukascopy Community:

  • Pornography or sexually explicit content;
  • Racism or sexual discrimination;
  • Hate speeches;
  • Shocking and disgusting content;
  • Unlawful acts;
  • Infringements of intellectual property;
  • Harassment;
  • Threats;
  • Violation of privacy.

Note that Dukascopy does not take any responsibility whatsoever for contestants violating intellectual property laws. The contestants that do not respect copyright might be banned from the Dukascopy Community forever.

For feedback, questions and comments please send a message