Recommendations for Articles

With this section Dukascopy intends to give a hint to the contestants with respect to the factors that are taken into consideration when attributing the Dukascopy expert evaluation"s points. The list is meant to convey the information of what we value and encourage in participants" submitted articles.

  1. Creativity - we positively value the articles that have original thoughts, ideas and form. The commission would be particularly interested in reading analytical articles; however the creativity is not less appreciated. Make the commission excited and interested and the reward will follow. Think outside the box, do not copy well-known ideas!
  2. Quality - Dukascopy Articles contest commission will be thrilled by the qualitatively composed articles. This includes both the form and the content. The article shall not only express your thought in a logical way, but also be reading-friendly formatted, making it altogether interesting to read.
  3. Public attention - Dukascopy commission particularly enjoys the articles that attract a lot of publicity, including comments, likes, responses, hits etc. If you can compose an article that does not leave other people ignorant - we like it too. Still, obey the rules!
  4. Meaningful, interesting comments - we will pay particular attention to the activities of the participant inside the community.
  5. Other factors - in special cases Dukascopy leaves the right to attribute points for some factors that it found outstanding in the submitted article.

We highly encourage all participants aspiring to end up the month in winning positions to grasp this information and adhere to it in their trading process.

Popularity hints

Users may take advantage of some activities leading to the improvement of their popularity rating. Especially, with respect to unique visits:

  • Post links to the profile page on external resources - every unique IP visit to your profile page will add you 1 point. Even links posted during past contests will continue bringing you new visits for the current contest.
  • Share your profile/article on Facebook/Twitter - use the built-in sharing buttons to generate visits to your profile page from your social network.
  • Keep using the same community account - Using the same community account for various consecutive contests not only allows tracking your participation history, it also ensures that people visiting your profile page via previously posted links will add up to your current popularity.

The experience with other Contests gave us insight on what are the most common rule breaches or circumventions contestants are trying to turn to. To avoid committing those, we are providing a list of those violations that we are going to reprimand when making the final evaluation of the contestants.

  • Multiple registrations - when one person creates different accounts with different login data (can be tracked via IPs, account information etc.)
  • Promotion - we carefully follow and check both article and comments to find any even hidden attempts to promote their businesses or the businesses of the 3rd parties.
  • Self-voting and self-commenting - leaving comments from trader"s own accounts (tracked by IP etc.)
  • Continuous posting of poor-sensed, go-around comments - please see the FAQ on the comments content
  • Copyright infringements in articles - using any materials Participant does not possess copyright to is strictly forbidden.

To help you understand what the copyright infringement is and help you avoid it, we have created a number of guidelines.

Copyright infringement is the unauthorized or prohibited use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright holder"s exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works. It applies to books, maps, charts, engravings, prints, musical compositions, dramatic works, photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures, motion pictures, computer programs, sound recordings, choreography and architectural works.
© Wikipedia,

  • Please do not copy the texts composed by other people that you do now own copyright to. This also includes the texts translated from different language. Should you want to quote some other sources, please format the quote accordingly (italic font, quotation marks around the phrase) and put the source in brackets.
    For example: "European stocks are expected to start higher Tuesday" Dukascopy Forex Overview, June 28 2011
  • If you want to use pictures, screenshots, charts and other graphic information, please either use such from Dukascopy Community or products(embedded elements from contests, screenshots of Dukascopy trading platforms, etc), either use Royalty-free content of this type. It can be obtained at various resources, such as
  • If you bear the exclusive rights for some content you include in the articles, please inform the administration of that by sending an e-mail, containing the documented proof.

Dukascopy reminds that it tracks all the IP activity of the participants as well as thoroughly monitors the activity in the contest with a view to detect cheating and standings manipulation. Unless considered severe, Dukascopy does not take actions when the above mentioned cheating is detected. However, this information is registered and will be accounted for when making the final evaluation of the participants and deciding on the final positions on the winners" list.