When we talk about Trading Platform the first name that comes to our mind is undoubtedly MetaTrader 4. Like me, I think all members of this community, which now mostly use the Dukascopy Platform - JForex,  has experienced the well-known MT4 offered by dozens if not hundreds of forex brokers. But is it the famous MT4, the best option for trading in the FOREX market today?Choosing the right trading platform for each one matters a lot. The most important thing is that the platform chosen should be a perfect match for the user. As each of us who have used both: MT4 and JForex, we can conclude that both of them have been designed to meet the needs of every trader. So what are the major differences between these platforms and what are its strengths and weaknesses. Of course, some of the things presented here are already known to all of you, others are my personal opinion, since I have used both platforms, for manual and automated trading.
  • Platform [b]OS: JFOREX - 1 vs MT4 - 0[/b]
First of all, one of the things that led me to look for brokers that not use MT4 platform was the issue of the OS, as everyone knows MT4 only runs under Windows. Of course it can run on other systems, with some tricks, but is not the same thing. JForex claims to be a lot different than MT4 when it comes to OS, because it can run in different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, etc... So in this respect my vote goes to JForex, since I have two machines, one with a Mac operating system and one with Linux.
  • Platform API: JFOREX - 1 vs MT4 - 0
Dukascopy provides to all JForex users an API client library, that can be linked to customer systems so they can communicate directly with Dukascopy Bank trade servers. This API could be used to develop custom software applications, like strategies and indicators, using Java programming language. MetaTrader 4 does not provides an API, only provides the MQL Reference Code in their MQL4 Community, where you can find some Functions and Objects . If we search the internet, we can find some paid solutions for MT4 API.(?) There is no question, who wins this point is JForex.
  • Platform Programming Languages and IDE's: JFOREX - 1 vs MT4 - 0
JForex strategies and indicators implementation offers full advantage of Java IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) like NetBeans IDE and Eclipse IDE to JForex developers. Automatic translation via built in convertor enables programming of the trading strategies based on multiple languages, such as JAVA and MQL4.MT4 is supplied with the MetaQuotes Language 4 Integrated Development Environment (MQL4 IDE). MQL4 is a C-like language, and comes second only to such high-level languages as Java and C++. In the past I developed several strategies in MQL4, and yes it's a very simple language, but when I need to implement some more complex strategies everything become much harder. MQL4 restricts you to only trade related programming. Anything else requires DLL programming. JForex seems to be more serious solutions for advanced forex auto trading development, so I think it deserves +1.
  • [b]Platform Strategies Backtesting: JFOREX - 1 vs MT4 - 0[/b]
In contrast with others automated FX solutions providers, like MetaTrader 4, which tests results usually are not very accurate due to the use of data interpolation instead of the real tick data, JForex solves this problem by offering a real tick data for historical back tests, improving the tests' accuracy. While developing their strategies, traders can utilize the Market Depth as an additional resource, providing information about the current market. As I said, MT4 does not provides reliable data source for back tests, once again with some tricks and a lot of work we can download data from external providers and use it in MT4 EA's  backtesting. JForex backtesting and programming possibilities are much more advanced than in MT4, my vote goes again to JForex.
  • [b]Platform Popularity: JFOREX - 0 vs MT4 - 1[/b]
As I said at the beginning of my article, MT4 undoubtedly is the most popular trading platform nowadays. Literally hundreds of different brokers offer the platform. The main advantage of MT4 is its extremely successful combination of great functionality with exceptional ease of use. The simple and elegant interface of the platform hides the powerful features offered by it to both the professional and novice traders.  Large number of commercial and free products  are available (Indicators and Expert Advisors). Unlike most brokers, Dukascopy have developed its own cross-OS trading platform, and its only just begun to share it with other brokers such as FXDD and the AlpariUS. As you can see in the next image1, courtesy of the largest forex forum, where a vote is taking place on different trading platforms, the JForex is only to lose to MT4 and Ninja Trader. So in my opinion if Dukascopy continue the excellent work in promoting the platform, the JForex soon be as popular with MT4.                                   image1 - Popularity graph of the most knew Trading PlatformsConclusion: 
Why traders continue choosing  MT4 for manual and automated trading?If we look on the internet is easy to see why most traders prefer to use MT4, because there are hundreds of expert advisors, custom indicators and other useful tools available for MetaTrader 4. When only few of them for other platforms, like JForex. Possibility to run operations with different financial market instruments (FOREX, Futures, CFD) in real-time mode, while in JForex only have access to FOREX. MT4 continues to dominate the market because of its flexibility and its customized features. All these advantages have been experienced by new and many professional traders. This is why they would rather stick with MetaTrader 4 trading platform.Why should you chose JForex for manual and automated trading?JForex can run in different operating systems, including MAC, Linux and Windows. The servers of the platform with which the users interact are reserved on-site and hence keeping latency low. Its Multi-way connections help a trader places a trade on one platform and easily synchronized it on other platforms simultaneously. Dukascopy is recognized for its transparency in SWFX market place, with Jforex platform, they offer direct access to the interbank Forex market liquidity. Choose wisely your trading platform!Your opinions are welcome in the form of review...LM