Hope all of you are doing
well.  I welcome all of you to my fresh article.

This week,  I have decided
to carry an analysis of 5 currency pairs based on
my favorite analytical tool i.e: Ichimoku + price action.

I did
an analysis based on Ichomoku + price action in the last week of
January and happy to note that all the targets for all the pairs
got achieved - 
Ichimoku exclusive - my analysis of 4 majors

This time I have decided
to take the following pairs for my analysis.






As I mentioned in my
previous article,  I make use of step-down approach on multiple timeframes.
I mean, I start analyzing from monthly chart and scale down till 4
hour timeframe to take trading decisions. I believe that the price in
lower timeframes always follows the price in higher timeframes.

I will write separately on multiple time frames and also on single bar breakout failures in the coming weeks. From my experience I can state that price action coupled with Ichi signals can produce big trades quite often since the support and resistance levels provided by ichi work quite accurately.

Indicators used: Ichimoku, Stochastic

Decision base: Support and resistance from Tenken, Kinjun and the cloud coupled
with price action.

I have read some fellow
members stating that the authors of articles describing several strategies here, do not apply the techniques themselves in their own trading. Hence it becomes
my obligation to show that the strategies I describe here work in real time and
even I do take plenty of profit from them. To do that I have put a screenshot
of my trading from the trading contest Based on this strategy,  at the end
of this article.

Lets start the analysis with our big brother...


Commentaries for each time frame has been put on the respective charts.

Timeframe to achieve the targets is 3 -4 weeks.


EU Monthly

EU weekly

EU Daily 

EU 4 Hour 

GU Monthly
GU Weekly

GU Daily
GU 4 Hour

AU Monthly

AU Weekly

AU Daily

AU 4 hour

USD/CHF Monthly :

USD/CHF Weekly:

USD/CHF daily :

USD/CHF 4 Hour

EJ Monthly

EJ Weekly

EJ Daily


Here are some of my trades from the trading contest based on the above mentioned strategy .

One of today's trades.................

One more form today............................


From the last week....

One more from last week...

Wish you all a great week ahead.