February has been a terrific month for both trend and range traders, as per forecast given during last to last week's Trader's contest video wrap-up. Dollar Yen continues to move up in higher heavens, while risky currencies are maintaining their ranges. What comes up next is the real deal to be seen. With financial season coming to an end with next month, we should see close of many big positions in the coming weeks. How the future folds is more likely to be visible on higher time frame charts. Here in this article, we will see some of the big trade setups which can work out in coming days and weeks. 

Let's go ahead and do some practical analysis of select currencies.

Forecasts for going Long

EUR AUD: Euro is all set to go higher against Aussie, with PRZ around 1.1960 and targeting 1.3550 as the first take profit level. Keeping a stop loss of 1.18 is recommended for this trade giving out a decent risk reward ratio of 1:7.
EUR AUD, 1.196, SL 1.18 (200), Target 1.3550 (1500), 1:7

GBP NZD: Pound will crush the Kiwi around 600 pips from 1.8675 area. The take profit is based on 21 moving average and stop loss for this trade is around 150 pips at 1.8535. Keep the trade size small, as risk reward is just 1:4.
GBP NZD, 1.8675, SL 1.8535 (140), Target 1.9275 (600), 1:4

USD CAD: Loonie will plummet and we buy it against dollar. This pair should be a great buy within the demand zone at 0.98, keeping a stop loss at 100 pip for a 500 pip gain. This trade thus provides just around 1:5 in risk reward aspect.
USD CAD, 0.98, SL 0.97 (100), Target 1.03 (500), 1:5

AUD NZD: Aussie is all set to get crushed, however after some break. Check out the sell trade on aussie, or wait for the long entry at 1.2630'ish area, with 130 pip stop loss for a target of 500 pips. This trade gives a fine risk reward of 1:4.
AUD NZD, 1.2630, SL 1.25 (130), Target 1.3130 (130), 1:4

While all long trades have high risk reward ratio, it's still relatively lesser than what the short side of the forecasts provide.

Forecasts for going Short

CHF JPY: Swiss Franc versus Japanese Yen is making entry into the supply zone. A entry on psychological level of 87.50 keeping 75 pip tight stop loss for a 700 pip gain is recommended. One can also keep selling within the supply zone until 91.50, for a target of 80.50. Risk reward varies up-to the maximum level of 1:10
CHF JPY, 87.50, SL 88.25 (75), Target 80.50 (700), 1:10 OR Sell all through 91.50 for 80.50

GBP JPY: The dragon returns to make 400 pip downside move. The recommended sell point is 126.50 to 127, while keeping 50-100 pip stop on this 1:4 RR trade.
GBP JPY, 126.50, SL 127.50 (100), Target 122.50 (400), 1:4

AUD NZD: This cross is expected to rise as per supply demand analysis on the weekly and daily chart after a brief downside. Going short at a level of 1.29 is recommended for reversing the trade 300 pips below that level. We recommend not to short it at this level and refrain from going long as well, until price enters 1.26'ish area. See the long trade analysis above for buying analysis as well as chart.
AUD NZD, 1.2890, SL 1.2990 (100), Target 1.2630 (260), 1:2.5, and Enter a reverse trade (long) at 1.2630 for 1.3130 as target (500), with SL at 1.25 (130), 1:4

AUD USD: Although Aussie has alread hit the supply zone three days ago, the potential upside remains till previous highs beyond 1.1, so make sure you enter with a tight stop of 30 pips and break-even when in 60 pip profit. Target remains 1.05 on this 1:10 RR Trade.
AUD USD, 1.0830, SL 1.0860 (30), Target 1.0510 (320), 1:10

GBP USD: Cable is all set to plummet from the 1.6 region, this time the stop is little wide, so entry in 1.6070-1.61 area is recommended with a focus towards 1.5420 for a 1:6 Risk Reward trade.
GBP USD, 1.6070, SL 1.6170 (100), Target 1.5420 (650), 1:6

Closing Notes
While all forecasts are provided here for educational purposes only, still if you want to use them in LIVE trading, make sure you don't risk more than 1/2 to 1% of your account size on each trade. 

I'd be carrying forward the discussions about Financial Freedom via Forex Trading from upcoming article in the month of March. Thanks a million for your support as always!