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Continuing from last week........Energy wheels work as the bridge between mind and the body. That’s why, to have sound body and mind, we need balancing of the energy wheels. The mind and the body are the best tools of a trader and hence one has to ensure that they are in sync with each other. The difficulty comes here. Body is a visible entity and hence can be controlled to an extent through physical means. However, the mind as well as the products of the mind like feelings, emotions, are invisible entities. Hence no physical means would be able to control these entities. That’s where we end up with a concept called “balancing of energy wheels “or popularly known as “Chakra meditation”.


Balancing the energy wheels

Energy wheels not only are the custodians of emotions/ feelings arising out of past events and experiences, they are also a means of supply of cosmic energy to their respective associated physical body parts.

To get more clarity of what I am saying, we shall take the help of a chart to understand the nitty - gritty of the energy wheels.


Whatever issues we face, either physically or mentally, are invariably due to imbalance of one of these wheels. How to balance them is a big question.

Further, it is highly important to note that each wheel is associated with a sound, color and a dimension and the five eternal elements (Earth, water, fire, space and air). Our ancestors have found that each wheel responds and vibrates to a particular frequency and that particular frequency is produced by the each associated sound as mentioned below in the embedded chart.

The chart below shows each Chakra and its association with sound, color and the five eternal elements of the universe.


When we chant the sound associated with a particular wheel, the concerned wheel responds to that vibration/frequency and get activated. When a particular wheel becomes active, all the associated physical body parts as well as psychological parts get balanced since that particular wheel supplies needed cosmic energy to the associated physical body part to function efficiently. Not only that, simultaneously it also removes the old emotional packages stored in that wheel as a result of past experiences.

For example if one makes a big loss in a particular trade and gets in to a state of fear.......it is the Root Chakra which stores this emotional package ( fear ). Unless until removed, it gets activated again and again as soon as he takes a fresh trade (already wrote about this cascading effect of losers). When we practice chanting of “LAM” during Chakra meditation, the Root Chakra gets activated and removes that emotional package as well as supplies cosmic energy to the related physical body parts. In simple words,”LAMMM “is the frequency to which the root Chakra responds and vibrates.

If some one is facing issues with his/her digestion, chanting "RAMMMMM" … (Not "RUM" - LOL!) activates Solar Plexus Chakra and stimulates the fire elements required to burn the food and enhances the digestive capacity.

Also each wheel is associated to a color .We all know about colors and their characters. Even color therapy has taken great significance during last few decades. I will not be discussing this part here.

The below noted picture depicts the mechanism of Chakra meditation

Body management:

As I have stated earlier this universe is made of five elements. Since we are part of this universe, our body is also made up of these five elements. The breathing represents air element, digestive system..... The fire element, bones.......the earth element, the blood and the liquids ......water element whereas the mind represents space element.

Understanding this goes long way in helping the body to keep fit and healthy. As and when we face an issue with any of the systems in our body, we need to identify the element associated with it and balance it through the means I have written here.

Body Exercises:

Since you all are aware of Gym, running, jogging and other common exercises, I will limit my discussion to a simple Yoga exercise.

Yoga (Yoga postures) has more than a lakh postures. You will call me crazy if I say under yoga we have postures of all animals. That means carrying the posture of each animal has its positive impact on a particular part of our body. The only suggestion, I will just talk about is a set of postures which is simple to do but gives comprehensive exercise to whole of our body. These sets of postures are known as”Sun salutation" (Popularly known as "Surya Namaskar&rdquo. It is not only simple, but finishes in just 8-10 minutes. I know a person who started this exercise at the age of 42 and now at 92, he is as young as 42 years old.

Below is a nutshell pictorial representation of all the postures under Sun salutation. This picture itself depicts the comprehensive character of this exercise.

Food: The source of 10% of overall energy

Lot of people treat their belly like a dustbin kept in front of their house. They put each and everything in to it irrespective of its consequences. One must understand that there is a difference between “live to eat “and “eat to live “. Further I saw some TV shows where people boast “eating “as their “hobby!”.

Fruits: The free gift of the nature

Fruits are one of the natural foods with highest energy contents given by Mother Nature to mankind. The one, who makes most out of it, makes a healthy living. Hence I suggest.. having fruits, fruit salads/ fruit juice along with breakfast and dinner. A green salad is preferable along with the lunch.

One of the highly important aspects that lots of people ignore is ... the breakfast. I have seen so many people skip their breakfast ...the reason they give are ... being late, busy etcetera. There cant be any more bad habit than this. Morning breakfast is what sets up the day and it has to be full of energizing contents.

Very few people are aware of the junk they feed to their bodies and the subsequent impact it has on their awareness and their long term health. Do note that fresh vegetables come closest to the nature of fluids within our bodies and our digestive systems don't have to work hard.

Foods are of 2 types – Alkaline and acidic. One should avoid acidic foods as much as possible and prefer alkaline. Acidifying is the surest way to poorest health. Alkaline fruits that we eat, is to make sure that wind, bile and phlegm are in perfect balance to be healthy and mentally aware (fire, water and wind elements are in balance). In case of fruit juice, mix lemon juice with olive oil and sometimes add a bit of garlic. This will ease and enhance the digestion.

Below chart should be of help in making a right combo of foods.

Breathing: The source of 20% overall energy

Breathing is what decides our longevity. Look at a tortoise – It lives for more than 500 years. The reason? It takes breath once in several minutes. Next comes elephant due to the same phenomena.

Now look at the dog. It takes breath almost without a stop. Hence it lives only up to 12 years. A standard breathing pattern for a men is 5 (1 cycle of each inhale and exhale per every 12 seconds) whereas practically we breathe 15-20 times per minute. This not only results in under supply of the oxygen to the body, it also impacts the longevity/quality of life.

Below is a simple breathing practice which can be practiced for 15-20 minutes a day. It is simple, yet highly effective.

I do not have the space here to discuss much more about breathing hence suggest that one takes the help of a good guide available in his locality to learn some standard breathing exercises.

By now, the trader is ready, both physically and mentally to start our trading day. He is in the utter present. Neither the past nor the future is distracting him as he has adopted all the practices required to eliminate such distractions. His mind and the body are in full sync. At last there is an infinite possibility which was blocked earlier due to his limited beliefs and ignorance.  

Thank you Dukascopy. Thank you everyone.

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