Strategy Development:Strategy development is a process, each process requires definite steps. In this case:
1- Goal
2- Plan
3- Initial Strategy Development
4- Execution of Strategy
5- Review of Results
6- Error Correction
7- Re-Deployment
8- Final StrategyLet us take the first step and see how we go about it:The webinar can be found here: Consistent Profits - Strategy Development
                                                                       What’s the Goal?
•  A strategy is a means to achieve a Goal/vision.
•  So our first step is to define where our strategy will lead us.
•  When I was asked this question at the very starting of my trading my answer was: I want to trade    forex for a living(starting cap at the time: 1000 USD).
            Now lets get to the core of how to set our Goal:
•  First lets tweak the question a little:                                        
What's the realistic Goal?
•  This makes it easier to decide the factors/elements to consider in our decision making.
•  The factors:     
a) Starting Capital     
b) Experience/Expertise Level      c) Acceptable Risk     
d) Screen/Analysis Time
•Once we …
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