Inflation Deflation and Quantitative easingWell, honestly I’m not so sure
picking this topic, but just lets go, it would be nice to discuss this topic
with others peoples.
I will start this topic by the definition
of inflation,
So, what is inflation?
Wikipedia says that inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.
This is means that during a period of time,
the price for goods and services go higher than before. For example if you buy
a cup cake about $ 1  in 2002 and than
ten years later that cup cake become $ 2 , that’s means during this ten year
there is inflation for about 100%. (in reality  inflation could be calculate in some formulas,
but the common one  is by using  Consumer Price Index, if you want to know how
to calculate inflation just find it in Google, so let’s get move)
 So, what
cause inflation? What drive price goes higher?
That is a huge question, inflation could be
triggered by so many factors, it could be the money supply, could be increasing
in  demand of goods and services, no
supply of goods and services and some others factor.
I will talk about the demand first, as we
know that if supply for a g…
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marius24 22 Mar.

i study a lot about inflation and very interesting your study

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How To be a Pro-trader (part I)
I will start this article with “ahhh..that’s my dream…”
(ups  forget the rule
“"i started trading..... and... it was
good!!!?!?!??!?!"” **by dukascopy)
Heh, but that’s true, to be a pro trader maybe the dream  that all trader want to be, which is, in some
case  that dream grow and become  an obsession.  How pathetic s/he is.
To be a pro-trader really needs a huge effort, extra ordinary
work, and will spend so much time to reach
 Statistic say that 95%
trader fail , so why that’s happen?
I believe, all of you people that trading or i just call it
a trader (don’t care even he could make profit or not) are mostly a smart
person. They could be high educated, talented, have a strong motivation, kind
of person that always want to know, curious, but with that extraordinary characteristic
person many trader still lose money, Why?
Because Trading оn margin carries a high level
of risk to your capital and may not be suitable for all investors. 
Yes, you can read that statement in almost all broker risk
warning. (hahahaha)
Don’t laugh but that’s true, trading is not suitable for all
peoples, especially if you are using ‘leverage’.
Part I Leverage
Trading wo…
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marius24 22 Mar.

nice job brother..keep put other studies

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