5 Ways to trading using Fibonacci levels ...... (Part 1)
Fibonacci levels
Has been the practice in the use of Fibonacci levels in Forex trading , is the use of the key Fibonacci levels to analyze price movements, and the possibility of taking a decision on entering the trade . In order to determine where the profit levels used by 38 , 50 and 62 ( % ) to correct the previous price movements .
Here are some important tips to use these levels :
1 ) Set the lines of Fibonacci retracement levels for use in trading.
2 ) Stretch the lines between the maximum and minimum points of dynamic price movement ( trend ) .
3 ) recommended to apply several Fibonacci levels (preferably , of course, painted in different colors ) on the chart with three or even four periods of time , to get clearer picture Andasthaddam the several levels of Fibonacci .
4) then analyze the levels of a diverse group of Fibonacci lines . In many cases , you can visually identify important on several levels , which coincide in different periods of time in more than a Time Frame . Here, you need to identify these areas and continue to work and plan for the trading of the existence of these specific subsidies and resistors …
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