In order to be more successful in trading, a trader must be armed with many tools and information, on the basis of which he could draw conclusions about the current situation in the market and about his future movement. One such tool is the weekly report on open positions of traders COT (Commitments of Traders).
The market must be regulated, otherwise it will be in chaos! In order to make the market more transparent, traders constantly report to U.S. Commodity Ftutres Trading Comission (CFTC). Thus, in public access, anyone can look at the information on the instrument of interest.
Reports are posted on the CFTC Commission website. To view the report, click on the link.
Report structure
For example, take the block of the report, which provides information on the Euro. This information (see the figure) is presented in the form of a text report indicating the number of open positions (contracts) for the purchase (LONG) or the sale (SHORT) of futures and options contracts, as well as their change (CHANGES FROM) relative to the previous report. The SPREADS column contains the number of opposite positions. In the TOTAL column, the total number of positions is stored - separately for LON…
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