In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity … Albert Einstein

No matter how one values the recent ESMA activities, concerning the killing of binary option trading or raising minimum margins or the cutting of leverage respectively.
One important and sobering fact about the success of traders has become now official and reliable information.
In the ESMA paper itself a losing rate of 74% to 89% of FX and CFD Traders was reported by the different national supervising bodies.
But the story does not stop there, all brokers regulated by a national authority within ESMA, have to publish their “Loss Odds” on their websites now.
I made a simple test. Just opened any random broker comparison site, only selection was FCA regulated (could have been BaFin, could have been CySec, etc.). And checked the odds of the first 10 brokers listed. I do not name any names, as I do not want to promote or blame any of them. Anybody can simply repeat my experiment and have her own results.
  1. B1 85%
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