-1) Take care of your family
My most important rule. This sounds very easy, but
sometimes, your trades would chain you to the computer. Try to spend time with
your family. This keeps your head free. Trading with an full time job and
family is very heavy and burdensome. If you have kids too, and try to trade
every evening, don’t forget your kids or your partner. A happy family and a
good feeling is more motivating and important,  than anything else. I also had the problem in
my past. Now my partner and my daughter know what I’m doing and they understand
it and assist me. The social aspects are very important but most people don’t think about it
before or just forget them as I did in my beginning.
Don’t forget: No money loves you more and gives you more love than your
family. If you loose your family, you loose much more than just money!
-2) NEVER let a Winner turn into a
This is also a very important rule you should try to follow.
The holy rule. The Currency Market can move very fast, so a winning trade may
turn into an loosing trade in seconds.
So try to take the maximum gain of the trade or just work with trailing
stops. Nothing is more frustrating in FX Trading if a glorio…