Have you always wanted to trade shares or simply tired of trading Spot Forex currencies and wish to take advantage of the available CFDs on the Dukascopy Bank's online trading platform but don't know much about them? If your answer is a Yes, then please continue reading.
In layman's terms, just as in Spot Forex trading a currency pair equates to an actual purchase of one of the two underlying currency assets and selling the second currency of the pair against it, Contract for Difference (CFD) is the opposite in comparison to Spot trading and works on merely speculating on the price change in the exchange rate of an underlying asset; without entitling us to the ownership of such an underlying physical asset. Therefore, since CFDs are not an actual acquisition or selloff of real assets; liquidity is never an issue and will not impact a trade as it does when trading physical assets on an exchange market.
There are CFDs for many types of markets but the most common ones are as following:
  • Global stock CFDs, such as blue chip shares of a public company.
  • Stock index CFDs, such as NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX and other stock market indices.
  • Forex CFDs
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