One of my favorite motivational sayings, having in mind every day, is to be motivated to expand my
knowledge in Forex Market, to became one day a successful trader like the
professionals.As I have learned trading success is dependent more on the
trader’s emotional state than on the strategy used, regardless of how
robust it may be. We are human beings so having emotions like fear and
greed , is normal in our daily life but not in trading , when we are
trading we have to act like machines or robots…

Trading is 80% psychological and 20 % techniques

Statistics show that only 20-25% of traders are consistently profitable and the
rest are either inconsistent and unprofitable. You can only beat these
odds if you enable effective recognition and management of, the
emotional reactions that you will experience during trading. If you be
emotional during trading then you have to say goodbye to your account
and goals to be billioner one beatiful day like George Soros or Oprah
may be ….
My personal mistakes during trading

1.Never keeping a trading journal,(I never done this before 2 years ago because
I always say to myself that I wi…
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