The price action in silver since the 17th of April 20117 has been downright ugly to say the very least. Having reached its 2017 high on that day after trading at $18.725 per ounce, silver has declined in twelve sessions of the last thirteen, reaching a low of 16.72 on May 2nd. Having lost about 10.7% of its value from the peak, there seems to be no end to the plunge in silver prices.
Fig 1: Daily charts of Silver and gold prices
Fig 1 shows the daily chart of silver and gold, and the recent plunge in silver prices is quite evident. What is also glaring from the chart is how silver has under-performed gold in the period. Gold reached its high for the year on the same day as silver and has dropped from $1297.50 to lows of $1252 on the second day of May, a decline of 3.5%, which is nothing compared to the losses suffered by silver.
Is there something fundamentally wrong with Silver? Has the market overreacted? Will the markets have the courage to catch the “falling knife”? This article seeks to analyse the short to medium term outlook for Silver and possibly answer some questions in traders’ minds.
The Silver to gold Ratio
As can be seen in Fig 1, there is a stro…
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