Like many, we recognize that political factors may overshadow macroeconomic drivers in shaping the investment climate in the period ahead.
We suspect this will be very much the case in the coming days It is not that the economic data doesn’t matter, but for many investors, the imprecision and quirky nature of the high frequency economic data pale in comparison to the risks emanating from politics and policy.
Before providing a thumbnail sketch of the five events, we think may shape the investment climate in the week ahead, allow us to briefly preview the economic highlights. The US and Japan round out the large countries industrial output reports. Europe accelerated. Japan is will likely confirm the strongest monthly increase since March 2014. US industrial output is expected to have snapped back from a weak November. The soft patch the dragged it lower for three of the past four months through November may have ended.

The US, UK, and Canada report inflation measures.
UK inflation is expected to have stabilized at higher levels, though PPI may continue to trend higher. US headline CPI is expected to continue to converge with the core rate, as is repeatedly done for the past fift…
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