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The Real Wolf of Wall Street - A Trader's Perspective

The Wolf of Wall Street, one of the top films of 2014 is based on the true story of New York stock broker Jordan Belfort. The film is quite an accurate portrayal of Mr. Belfort's life, as skeptical as one would be after seeing the movie!
Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to see Jordan Belfort, the Real Wolf of Wall Street live,as he discussed with us his life experience, the movie, entrepreneurship, sales and achieving success.
As I heard Jordan speak, I could not help but realize how many of his principles can be applied to our day to day lives as Traders. In this article, I will share some of his best materials for success and my interpretation for everyday practical use in a trading environment.
Movie Fun Facts

  • In the movie, Matthew McConaughey thumps his chest and hums a tune in one of the earlier scenes, to get him into the right mind state to perform. This was not from Jordan,in fact, Matthew actually does this to prepare for acting. The director, upon observing this behind the scenes, liked it so much he decided to incorporate it into the movie!
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Airmike avatar
Airmike 20 May

I checked your article but I am really curious about your opinion. (topic we discussed before)

Jignesh avatar
Jignesh 20 May

I guess I didn't answer quite straightforward.  It's because I try to be positive.  I thought he was an unethical person.  I didn't like the manipulation tactics that he used.  If he is fake or not? Yeah I think he is fake.  But I also think he will pay back the money and do whatever it takes to be in the good eye of the public.  Why? because of selfish reasons that he thinks it will make him more money.  I don't respect him as a person and don't trust him.  But I find his story and journey very intriguing, and think there is a lot to learn from it.

Airmike avatar
Airmike 20 May

Thank you for your answer

Jignesh avatar
Jignesh 22 May

Thanks Elani! :)

Jiggy avatar
Jiggy 26 Feb.

Very nice article!

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hakala avatar
hakala 8 Dec.

:) That is one way. But what happens after???

ritesh avatar
ritesh 10 Dec.

Nice article. keep more coming +1

radjaforex avatar
radjaforex 14 Dec.

thanks all

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 18 Dec.

I believe you may be right. We will see another kind of social, economical,political and financial system very soon +!

mielec avatar
mielec 19 Dec.

Agree...Every social thing and system fall after some time. people live so short that they must satisfy a manny
number of ideas

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