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In today's article I decided to tell you about the 5 key elements of market analysis on which I rely in finding entry points.Here you need to understand the signals that are not based on the laws of supply and demand, resulting in a high probability lead to disastrous results. The market is constantly changing. Those graphic model or scheme to a variety of indicators that worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.It remains unchanged, only one - is that market movements are formed due to the opening / closing positions, and they in turn affect the volume.Therefore, trading decisions should be taken only on the basis of supply and demand analysis. Then objective information will be the basis of transactions.The volume shows the mood of the market, the number of contracts that someone bought, while others sold. It is important to understand that the more contracts came into the market, the higher the interest of major players to a certain level. And interest in the level - it is the building block that can be used to build a good trading system, which has a logical basis.I use as a rebound from the system level and the breakdown and pulse circuits. Each of these systems is based on the …
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Good and useful!

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allaDZ 27 Apr.

Хорошая статья! МОЛОДЕЦ

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maviz 28 Apr.

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Большое СПАСИБО за отзыв, девушки!!

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отлично поработал

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Programming is one of the most challenging fields in our present day environment. It is bringing together several lines of code for the creation of a solution. That solution can be an application, a script or even an automated strategy. Wikipedia defines it as the comprehensive process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable programs.”

In the beginning, the lines of code make no sense, until the final product is completed and the program executed.
Most traders in the forum or community already know about the strategy contest, what most folks don’t know is that most of the strategy contest winners have something in common. I can confidently say that over 55% of all the winners since its inception have a common denominator that has helped them win prizes in the contest. This article is meant to reveal the “profit ingredient”which turns a normally, boring strategy into a pip-counting machine.
The strategy contest, as far as I can tell has been around since May 2011, and every month it has seen several contestants come in to test their coding skills in the development of an automated strategy. The essential idea is to develop a strategy with a
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Nice article. I don't trade automated systems but I will look at the TVS indicator. Thanks a lot. It could be what I've been looking for.

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Good article, indeed!

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