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1. Introduction:

An emerging market currency is the money of a country that is in the process of economic advancement. National economies that are considered to be emerging markets typically experience an extended period of robust growth in the industrial production sector in addition to the expansion of their economy as a whole. This growth in output acts as a catalyst towards the development of infrastructure and technology.
2. The Main Countries:
Although a concrete definition of an emerging market remains largely debatable, five nations are widely considered world leaders in the category. Known by the acronym BRIC they are as follows: Brazil, Russia, India, China .
Each country of BRIC has experienced explosive growth in its (GDP) along with periods of uncertainty created by debt concerns and political unrest.
As of year-end 2015, the countries of BRICS have the following global rank in GDP PPP:
  • Brazil: 7th (US$3.1 trillion)
  • Russia: 6th (US$3.5 trillion)
  • India: 3rd (US$7.9 trillion)
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Одной из основных стратегий торговли на форекс и инвестирования на валютном рынке является операция carry trade. Суть ее многим известна, это получение прибыли за счет удержания позиций по определенным валютным парам по которым есть большая разница по процентным ставкам. От слова carry или удерживать. По сути трейдер открывая позицию по валютной паре, продает валюту по которой процентная ставка равна нулю или меньше или незначительная, и приобретает ту по которой Центробанк установил высокую процентную ставку, в результате трейдер получает прибыль в виде свопа за удержание позиций. Это распространенная стратегия инвестирования, многие банки и крупные инвесторы и инвестиционные компании используют ее, часто они просто одну валюту конвертируют в облигации государств, номинированных в национальных валютах, например, банк продает доллары США своих клиентов за российские рубли и покупает государственные облигации России и получает по них хороший процент, а после погашения облигаций конвертирует сумму и проценты в рублях обратно в доллары США. Конечно же это выгодно, только если за долгий срок курс валюты или валютной пары не снижается, ну а если он еще и укрепляется и это приносит допол…
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On December 15th, at midnight, the Russian Central Bank held an emergency meeting. The currency was in free fall, caused by a deadly mix of lower oil prices and western sanctions. The Rouble lost almost 50 percent of its value in four short months. On December 15th, the USD/RUB closed the day at 65.82, a massive 15 percent higher in a single day. Something had to be done.
The Russian Central Bank decided to hike interest rates by a shocking 650 basis points, from 10.5% to 17%. ‘’We had a choice between the very bad and the very, very bad’’, Sergei Shvetsov, the deputy governor of Bank would later say.
A Flash From the Past
I woke up that day staring at a 10% gain in the Ruble. The USD/RUB was now quoted at 59.50. After a quick double-take and a check on Bloomberg, I realize the reason behind the rally. But as everyone was busy buying Rubles, I got a flashback of Black Wednesday 1992. During most of 1992 Britain was busy propping up the Pound in order to keep it within the boundaries set by the ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism). After spending massive amounts of money, the Bank of England took one last desperate step.
On September 16th 1992 at 11:00 AM, the BOE jacked up …
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During the weekend Russia intensified its offensive in Ukraine. A shelling that killed 30 civilians in Mariupol sparked new calls for sanctions in Brussels. The EU called an extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers for Thursday but analysts think that there will be no new sanctions until next month summit. A lot will depend on how far Putin goes this time. An all out attack on Mariupol will no doubt lead to further US/EU sanctions.

I got again long USD/RUB on Monday anticipating the reaction of the West. Near the end of day I got a present by S&P, which downgraded Russia's debt to junk.

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Here are some links as well as a picture of my most recent trades. Sorry for the poor formatting, Dukascopy automatically places everything at the top.

Again my total loss is limited to just $100. My stoploss is set at 62.60, just below the most recent swing low in the pair. My target is above the December highs in the USD/RUB, around 77.80. I will watch price action if we reach these levels and look for an exit. As you can see on the pic, I'm currently up $50.

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Another update: The Ruble selling intensified on Friday after the Russian Central Bank unexpectedly cut interest rates from 17% to 15%. This prompted me to add another position of 2,000 on a break of the important 70.00 round figure.

Initially the trade went in my favor as the USD/RUB rallied to a high of 71.87 on Friday. The pic above was taken near the highs of the day. But as the day was nearing its end, the jump in oil prices led to gains in the Ruble and I was forced to close my new 2,000 position at 70.52 for a small gain of $12.

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Final update on my January Ruble trades. The rally in oil continues unabated after a Friday report that showed the number of U.S. oil-drilling rigs down by 94 in the past week, the largest one-week decrease since 1987. As the black gold was preparing to break the important 50.00 mark, I placed a stoploss on my two remaining USD/RUB longs at 68.30.

I was taken out later in the day, for a net profit of $64.50. Together with my earlier closed trade of $12.13, the total for this series of trades is at +76.63. You can see all 3 trades in the pic above.

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Let’s talk about trading currency pairs as USDSEK, USDMXN, USDZAR, USDTRY, USDRUB,
USDNOK (Norwegian krone, the Russian rubble and the South African rand can still be regarded
as a commodity currencies).
Or do you prefer the major currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD,
USDJPY, USDCHF, and commodity currencies AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD.
If you overlook the exotic currencies trading, you are depriving yourself of additional profit
opportunities in the FX Market.
Before sitting down to write this article, I’ve asked myself if I’ll be able to explain in accessible
language, how to trade exotic currencies and get profit, to a newcomer who makes the first steps in
the trading business?
At first glance it is not an easy task. But history shows that success in trading is possible with two
components, simplicity of the method and proper risk management. So let’s give it a try!!!
I’m sure that confident and experienced traders will glean a bit of useful information as well.
I am convinced that each currency has its own behaviour, and you can even say character.
One currency can be described as capricious - EURUSD, leisurely - EURCHF,
Determination which can be attribut…
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This article will describe this long term trading strategy, used mostly by institutional investors, highlighting rewards and risks in a simple way, to make it possible for you to use it as well. With carry trade you can make or lose money even if the price of a currency pair remains static for a long time. It will also help you understand the reasons behind some of the market's moves, especially during volatile and risk-off periods.____________________ ► What is carry trade? Even though it's possible to have carry trades in a variety of financial instruments and investments, the basic premise is the same. Positive carry trade occurs when someone borrows an asset with low interest rates to finance the investment in an asset with a higher return. For example, borrowing money at 2%, and then investing the funds in an asset that pays 5%. This is easily done in the Forex market, because currencies are traded in pairs, so a positive carry trade is obtained when a trader buys ("carries") a high interest rate currency (for example, AUD), and sells a low interest rate one, such as JPY. Negative carry trade, as expected, is the opposite. This situation happens when the yield of holding an…
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Is it rally possible to get pips by carry trade?If I understand it correctly, so as a position to be profitable , the value of positive carry trade must be higher than the spread of that instrument and at the same time the direction of that position must be in favor of the market.Am I right or did I miss something?

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