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Introduction :

Understanding the market we trade is vital.
In this Article, I would like to take a brief overview of the current World Economic Climate, together with factors that influence. Should it be enjoyed, I will continue to delve into the statistics, to offer a complete understanding, at the end.
Key To Charts :
These charts are prepared for ease of reference. In all cases, I have calculated the World average (from the data available). White is favourable. Colour is above the average to a maximum of double. Grey proceeds thereafter and black indicates that data was not available from my reliable sources.
In the case of Food Inflation and DEBT/GDP, I have set the roof for colour at a maximum of an additional 50% of the World average.
The statistical data is included for ease of reference.
Overview :

At a glance, S & P Ratings offer a picturesque view of the current economic climate. It is, however, a stagnant picture.
Interest Rates are vital to analyzing the future potential of a country and its economy and currency. Higher Interest Rates attract investors, whilst lower Interest Rates do not. For traders, the difference between two Interest Rates offers a clue to th…
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Haynes6EU 30 Sep.

Great article )

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xtrader360 30 Sep.


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geula4x 30 Sep.

+1 Liked: interesting article and statistics + nice graphics! Well done and good luck! :-)

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lbteresa 1 Oct.

Very interesting, there are very many points which need further analysis. I think I'll study all this in depth, it will take time. Very well done!!!

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Meerak 2 Oct.

Good Article

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  INTRODUCTIONWith my previous article I introduced a study about the policy done in last years by central banks: the purpose was to analyze the impact into stock markets (since correlated with forex) to better understand the current situation and possible developments in the coming days/weeks. With this article I will show my study about U.S. monetary policy, the impact occurred in some world markets, and my attempt to understand whether this policy has produced the desired effect or not. QUANTITATIVE EASINGAs previously underlined, QE is an unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the national economy when conventional policy has become ineffective. When I read this sentence for the first time, I thought that in any other circumstance in which this type of expression is used, it simply means that the situation is far more serious than you think, and normally any kind of extreme solution will cause serious damage in some other macro/micro systems directly or indirectly connected.In our contemporary history, this type of policy has been introduced (and widely used) by the American central bank (FED) with a 2 trillion dollars (12 zeros) of new money created…
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scramble 22 Aug.

yes i said about other conditions. anyway whole commodities have the same charts. almost a copy n paste. can't be only weather ;)

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SpecialFX 26 Aug.

QE increases money supply, but if you have more money chasing the same amount of goods then the price of those goods will go higher (or at least not go as low as they should without QE). Producing goods and services is what creates wealth, not printing money. If everyone was given 1 million euros we would all be poor, because hyperinflation would make those euros worthless and we would have a huge recession :)

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scramble 31 Aug.

hello, sorry didn't notice your comment here! yes wh

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scramble 31 Aug.

unable to post comments.

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fxigor 26 Oct.

Nice article about QE and correlations.I wrote article about it and I use correlations in my statistical arbitrage trading strategy. Correlations between the USD and 6 major world currencies in last several years went down. Do you use correlations in your own trading strategy? Thank you.

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Introduction:In this Article we are going to analyse recent trends in the labour market for the US and see the most likely directions in which the Labour market will take over the coming years. Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2007/08 across the world, a rise in the unemployment rate has been noted in most western developed countries. In most places the Unemployment rate has stayed higher and there have been few signs of recovery in nearly every country.Problems:- High unemployment*chart from Federal reserve of St Louis' data bankAs seen in this chart above, the unemployment rate (Spread between Employment level and Civilian Labour force) has risen significantly since the recession and while is trending down, it is  doing so at an incredibly slow pace.For the economy, High Unemployment rates are bad. Quite simple to understand, when there are less people with jobs there is a lower level of demand in the economy. When this occurs people employed in sectors such as retail will lose jobs as companies require less staff to sustain the required demand levels.From here a downward demand spiral ensues as those unemployed add to the decrease in demand and so the process repeats itself.…
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AdrianWS avatar
AdrianWS 23 July

Would have loved to go into more detail, but I ran out of words allowed. Had to skip out some sections but I left in the most important parts. If you've any questions just ask.


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AdrianWS 25 July

Presenting this article on Dukascopy community TV later today at 13:00 GMT hope you can be there.

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AdrianWS 29 July

Last week we saw Inital claims print at 353K on estimates of 381K. Much better than expected in otherwords. The previous week was revised upwards by 2K. The upcoming week hold NFP and this will be very important so get ready.

AdrianWS avatar
AdrianWS 31 July

US ADP coming in tomorrow. Estimates are in range 115K to 130K.

Over the past few days there has been some employment data

Japan posted 4.3% unemployment rate
german u/e change was 7K
Spanish U/E rate - 24.6%

Still looking forward to NFP's

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Frequently released macro figures are good opportunity to show how you can take advantage of this kind of market events. Much is said about it, "do not play when the figures come", but why not take advantage of moves generated by them to open the next position or reconstruction of old? I am not talking about the entrance at the time of publication, but shortly after. Below I present it as a long position rebuilt, which was exited by my trailing stop (set slightly below the low of 7.30 GMT 06/03/11). Case was happened 06/03/11. The default timeframe is M10. From about 12:00 polish time (10:00 GMT), we could see a clear phase of waiting for figures reading and only the necessary foreign exchange is being done. Well illustrated by the GMMA, which took in the period before the publication of a very compact and flat arrangement. I found that market is general uptrend (based on H1 and D1), quite clearly and in accordance with that, I manage opened positions and open only long positions in daytrading. At 14:30 (12:30 GMT), NFP, the unemployment rate and average hourly earnings has been published. All data were clearly negative for the dollar, which caused the initial sh…
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przemyslaw 11 Oct.

Great job again! That's how every artcile should looks in this contest: many charts and brief explanations. In addition, author shows how easy can be profiting on the forex market.
Good luck in the contest!

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ritesh 12 Oct.

Nicely written, quite detailed and informative article. Nice one..keep more coming. Best of luck and +1

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