Hints and Ideas about FX Majors

Ideas from last week :

  • USD enjoyed a ride against most currencies as US data helped a lot, ADP and NFP employment data were better, Wages growth at 2.9% VS 2.6% expected and all of this helped expectation of higher interest rate at (FED) March meeting.
  • Euro still hold last month gains VS majors as EU data still helpful, also most of (ECB) speakers agreed that next normalization step should be soon and some hint that QE may end at September meeting and all of this helpful for Euro bulls.
  • Aussie got a hit last week as most AUD data disappointed, Mean CPI Q/Q 0.6% VS 0.7 expected, Building approvals -20% VS -7% expected and all of this put heavy weight on Aussie.
  • Kiwi moved in mixed VS majors as no significant Kiwi data last week but Kiwi mostly affected by drop of Aussie which in most time move in same direction VS majors.
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Hi my Dear Dukascopy friends. Today I am going to show you my new Fibonacci strategy. There are many ways to trade with Fibonacci but, I have new Fibonacci strategy that the best way to gain money on EUR/USD. The Fibonacci was developed by Leonardo Pisano. He developed simple ways that today’s use everyone. But I am going to show you new one. Let’s begin with this Fibonacci Forex strategy. When a market has moved a uptrend we are going to replace 6 or 7 buy stops and when a market has moved a downtrend we are going to replace 6 or 7 sell stops like a picture .

  1. We are going to add 3 Fibonacci retracement levels
  • 11
  • 77
  • 88

1. Then we must catch uptrend position
2. The last we are going to place buy stops
3. Put STOP LOSS 200 PiPS
4. PUT TAKE PROFIT the next Fibonacci retracement levels

1. Then we must catch downtrend position
2. The last we are going to place sell stops
3. Put STOP LOSS 200 PiPS
4. PUT TAKE PROFIT the next Fibonacci retracement levels
Please try it in demo account several times. Dear my friends if you have any question about strategy dont hesitate to write my inbox Feel Free
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Sentiment Indicators have signaled a down week for FXE and GLD shares, which represent the ETFs for the Euro and Gold, respectively.
What's more, in the US the big talk is about passing the final details for tax reform amidst what is a huge debt crisis. The argument with this debt basis, coming off the heels of a slackening net exports figure, is can the US economy justify a substantial enough growth rate to sustain what is an alarmingly large debt balloon.
The silver lining for the time being is a floating bellwether for quality, a strengthening US dollar. It's uncertain if this will become a trend, however, it's a solid signal that the flight-to-quality trade will eventually overtake global markets. This is yet another reason why holding off investing in FXY is still a good idea. See the article titled "Holding Off Investing In FXY"
In the meantime, there's still enough road left to wager markets based on a sentiment paradigm, and that means, all else remaining equal, the Euro has a chance to rally some more until the end of the year. However, many of the factors for the Euro are in fact bleak, given a relatively less strong economy than the US, and the contingencies upon Great B…
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Now in the stages of correction to complete the climb, note that the 78.6, which rebounds from them strongly and is continuing to rise in order to complete the journey to rise to face strong resistance as shown to you in green color where we note that the rising trend over more than 10 days you break
So that has proven the strength of the direction in which you are showing the Barbolic delight and explains the continuation of the Ascending as well as shows that gold is in positive areass
As for the Polynecker Band, we have the average band that has been exceeded and has risen strongly above it in the light of that possibility. It is a continuation of its march to the top. If a drop occurs, this means a downside correction and we note that the support you have drawn is 50-61.8 Fibonacci
Point C is the strong starting point for the pair to form the second leg that came close to reaching point D of a pattern
Open the daily session and decide to enter more positions with 20-40 pips in anticipation of action or any sell saturation on a smaller scale
Basic Analysis
Gold rallied strongly against the dollar, a major rally that has led to a rise in gold after the politica…
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1280 -1300 Very strong level. A significant trigger is needed to implement the forecast .

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Life can be difficult for a financial market trader, particularly in the current economic climate.
From Donald Trump's chaotic Presidency in the U.S. to the host of geopolitical conflicts unfolding across the globe, it is almost impossible for even the most deterministic of investors to remain focused on executing their strategies.
It is important to remember that the financial markets often gauge the pulse of the economy as a whole, however, meaning that investors who remain focused on the performance of their assets ultimately have the best of identifying long-term trends and making informed decisions.
What Are the Markets Really Telling Us About the Economy?
With this in mind, let's look at the current market symbols and attempt to determine precisely what they are telling us about the marketplace:
The Emergence of the Weak Dollar Will Empower Currency Traders
Despite it being argued that the protectionist Trump favoured a weaker dollar and more competitive exports, the greenback was the single biggest beneficiary in the wake of the property mogul's election.
This trend has reversed in recent times, however, with the dollar having experience losses against all other…
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I think until the fall we are waiting for the weakening of the dollar

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Most export oriented countries prefer their money to be weak for export purposes....some government, notoriously China for instance, will intervene to keep their currency low to remain competitive in the world market for their goods.

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Let's face facts; a month can represent an eternity in politics.
Just over a month ago, the Russian ruble soared to its highest level against the dollar in 18 months, against the backdrop of relatively high domestic interest rates and increased foreign investment. Donald Trump's courting of Russian President Vladimir Putin also improved relations between the Kremlin and the White House, creating far higher levels of business and investor sentiment across the board.
The U.S. President's hasty and surprising decision to intervene in Syria and sanction the bombing of a government airfield (in response to a reported chemical weapons attack) has cast a huge shadow over the political landscape, however, while sending American-Russian relations to a familiar low.
The Fall-out From the Intervention, and How it Hit the Russian Markets Hard
Quite aside from the validity of Trump's strike (particularly given the lack of defined intelligence) and the fact that such a move was diametrically opposed to one of his core campaign pledges, the intervention also hit the markets hard. Russia's currency and stock markets fell in the immediate aftermath of the strike sending ripples throughout the …
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Markets tend to switch attention. I think this will less pay attention.

Dear Valuable Reader,
Have you ever wondered which currencies receive the most trading action? The data for the following chart comes from a survey done every three years by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).
Note that trading volume adds up to 200%, because each currency trade has a pairing.
The Chinese Yuan is now the 8th most traded currency in the world, for a total share of 4.0%.
That means its share has doubled since the 2013 BIS report:
But what is bitcoin’s trading volume like, relative to other currencies?
Bitcoin: In the last 30 days, about $3 billion of bitcoin has been traded, which averages out to $100 million per day.

Other Currencies:
The total amount of forex transactions per day is $5.1 trillion. The estimated daily turnover of just the Chinese yuan is $202 billion per day.
That means that the yuan has approximately 2,000x the volume traded of bitcoin, while total forex is 51,000x the size. In other words, bitcoin has a way to go to become one of the world’s most traded currencies.
Almost the traders in the world are trading now EUR/USD , which came in the 1st rank in 2016 for the most traded pair, by which reflects that it is the most volume of money fl…
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How did I come to conclusion that avoiding pairs with USD might be a good idea for some time?

Although I agree that US election definitely was a great, tradeable opportunity (though not an easy one), right now I see no certain direction that FX majors will go this month. After the election things went out totally out of control. We had several situation when USD moved opaque to data reads due to new President's decisions causing major upset and mayhem across the markets. Probably some will say it is their kind of environment to trade on - volatile, sometimes rapid. Yet everyone has to agree that we have a high risk of unscheduled and unpredictable events moving USD now in a rather unknown direction.
Sometimes it is better to play safe instead of lose looking for enormous moves, in other words, better safe than sorry. The conclusion to avoid USD pairs for some time comes logical as we should base our trades on past, meaning technical analysis or on extrapolation of past data, meaning fundametal analysis and both do not work as it should now. It is also difficult to base trades on Mr Trump since he uses to tell contradictory things.

Is there anywhere to run?

Yes, the…
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After Donald Trump inauguration as the 45th President of the United States of America, now what??
Post Inauguration of President Donald Trump :
After watching President Trump’s inauguration, his speech, then first visit to the CIA headquarters as the 45th President of the United States of America and his speech there while massive protest (estimated at some 1.5m mostly American women across the nation and many more in other parts of the world) were going on, I have lots of questions as to how, what, and where President Trump will take America.
Let’s jump to the mass protest and fiery speeches by some Democrat Politicians to the crowd. All I can say to these Democrats is:
Who was running the United States of America before Republican President Donald Trump took office? All these many problems (both in the U.S & the world) and social ills highlighted by them didn’t happen overnight and which should have been addressed and, perhaps, rectified while the Democratic Presidents were in power. To me, their anti-Trump speeches sound very hypocritical and downright ridiculous.
For those “Woman power” protestors, well, where were you voters during the election? If you all had turned out to…
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A world reserve currency can be defined as a currency which is kept in large quantities by many different governments and institutions for their international transactions. The world reserve currency is considered as safe-haven currency.
As of the 20th century, the US Dollar was made the world’s reserve currency and because of that the US government has an advantage of over $100 billion per year when they borrow capital from other countries.

World War 2 and Marshall Plan:

World War 2 destroyed many of the countries in Europe and Asia, except the United States of America. As a result European countries were running out of their gold reserves and borrowed from USA. This made USA ending up with large gold reserves, which resulted in USA being the only nation left with a good economy, making it a major political and economic power after the war.
In 1944, the allied nations came together in an effort to make an international monetary system which would prevent the economic crisis and sustain the economies around the world following WWII. The Allied nations named it “Bretton Woods Agreement”, which laid foundations for an international monetary system that created rules for economie…
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Trump: as expected before the election results, almost analysts were suggesting a massive drop of the USD once Trump is elected to be USA president.. that's what makes many traders think that Clinton will be for sure the new elected president in the economic point of view. Mmm in the Election Day's few 1st hours, an uncertainty have been shown in the start of viewing the results , about +- 300 pipes were up and down in an unknown market movement, till California result which confirmed the debate . Trump is the President!
A massive moving up have been done which reflected a good healthy indicator for an understanding of Trump economic agenda.. although all reports about racism, Mexico , Russia, Arab and Muslims were confirming an instability of the economic status, means only one thing!! It is just misunderstanding to Trump.
Few days later, Yellen came with the interest rates decision to fire up the USD with an interesting plan for 2017 also..
Then yesterday was the 1st test to USD with Trump, by the 1st speech the USD has been injured on heart with an increase in market fearing and demotivation.
Now, the question is: will Trump continue shooting the USD down or Yellen will help U…
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Although there are many factors affecting the value of currency for a given country relative to others, there are still the same fundamental laws of economics of supply and demand that can be applied to this asset class. If the demand for a given currency increases this implies its value will go higher thus increasing its price relative to other currencies. The opposite is true if there is too much supply of currency of a given country in its economy. These are just a few variables that affect FX rates by no means this is an exhaustive list:
- Each countries’ level of Gold in Reserve
- The amounts of the Imports coming in and the Exports going out of the country
- The level and amounts of foreign investment that the country receives
- The inflation levels in the economy
- The amount of the public debt
- Political stability and governmental policy
- Interest rates imposed by the Central bank in the particular country
- Current Account deficit that the country runs in other terms the balance of payments
- Unemployment rates
On the basis of changes in a number of these factors we see how the US dollar has appreciated against the Swiss Franc or alternatively said the Swiss Franc has b…
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According to reports, on November 7, 2016, debt held by the United States of America public was $14.3 trillion or about 76% of the previous 12 months of GDP.
Intra-governmental holdings stood at $5.4 trillion, giving a combined total gross national debt of $19.8 trillion or about 106% of the previous 12 months of GDP…. $6.2 trillion or approximately 45% of the debt held by the public was owned by foreign investors, the largest of which were China and Japan at about $1.25 trillion for China and $1.15 trillion for Japan as of May 2016.
By any standard, other lesser country would have been declared bankrupt way before the trillion dollars mark but, of course, that’s not the case for a super power like the US because the world’s economy is still powered by the almighty US dollar.
However, for some reason or other, in Dec 2016, China sold $34bn worth of US government bonds raising fears that ­Beijing is using its financial ­muscle to signal that it has lost confidence in American economic policy.
US treasury figures for the period ending in December 2009 show that, following the sale, China is no longer the largest overseas holder of US treasury bonds. Beijing ended the year sitting …
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Hi, friends as I am writing here about how EUR/USD will react to upcoming events like BREXIT and Federal Reserves rate hike cycle.
Let see USD backdrop and forthcoming pattern. After somewhat two years of consolidation, the US Dollar finally got to a critical bullish breakout in the last two months of 2016. To many, the catalyst for this breakout came as a surprise: the US Presidential election. The unexpected win by Donald Trump defied popular opinion polls and helped the Greenback overcome its perceived limitations. The new President is seen as the candidate committed to significant change, and his extraordinary campaign promises hold unexpected benefits for the currency. Talk of a massive fiscal stimulus program bolsters expectations of meaningful growth while vows to crack down on perceived, unfair trade advantages for major peers charges inflation expectations. That translates into superior growth forecasts and a Federal Reserve motivated to accelerate its rate hike regime. Heading into the new year and presidency, the maintenance of and extension to the Dollar’s impressive bull trend now rests on these unique connections coming to pass – or a much more dramatic fate befalling…
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Interessant article and view. In my opinion the U.K. and the Europe is better off with the brexit. In 2017 the Dollar will continue to improve even EUR/USD could rich 0.9200 we could see 0.8 somewhere. The immigration politics of Germany have already done massive damage to Europe economy. If Angela Merkel will be again elected I can see big issues and trouble in Europe. There is actually a question how long the Euro will exist at all.
Definitely the 2017 will be interesting Year with lots of movement.
Happy new Year!

Is Trump threatens the bond market and the dollar coin
Some think that Trump's election victory It will be the end of the rising dollar and there will be a drop in some financial markets, Indeed, This is what happened but only for a few minutes, For someone has a deeper look In Trump policy and Economic data he would stick with the purchase of a dollar coin and he will know that the effect of this news will only be momentary and will not continue for a long time for the following reasons :
First Trump's financial policy aimed to reduce taxes and increase spending, It means an expansionary fiscal policy, It causes more support for economic growth but on the other hand increase the budget deficit and what happens when you increase the budget deficit? The government accepted the borrowing in the form of a bond issue, That is why we have seen a rise in the yield on US bond futures for ten years, and futures for two years It is now near the highest level on this year, When the yield on bonds rise the US dollar also rises
Investors also accept to buy bonds when there is a state of risk aversion and the search for safe havens and With the direction of Fed to raise interest rates It is e…
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