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1: Introduction

In this report, we would like to talk about how to use my plugin for manual / auto tweet on the JForex Platform. You can get that plugin from JStore. Please search the "PluginTvvitter" at Plugin category of there. This plugin can do 2 things. One of that is manually tweet (or email). Another one is auto tweet (or email). You can easy tweet with chart image by this manually tweet function. And also you can easy manage and control the tweets (or emails) from the plurality of strategies by this auto tweet function. In this report, we would like to focus on tweet functions. Firstly, 2: Instruction Manual; we explains how to tweet by manual and auto in this section. Secondly, 3: Conclusion; we summarize what can do by this plugin's manually / auto tweet functions in this section.

2: Instruction Manual

2.1: Initial Settings
In this section, explain about setting an initial settings for manually tweet or auto tweet.
2.1.1: Password
When you activate this plugin for first time, you need to input the new password for the settings file.
2.1.2: Main panel
Next, please look the following picture, it is main control panel of this plugin.
Fig. 2.1.
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never thought of that

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tamison 22 May

Nice explanation

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Vale 24 May

Great article. Really interesting and useful...

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great work

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anna_t 26 May

like this article!

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Today I want to talk about a very famous micro blogging service - Twitter. Everyone knows what is Twitter, but not all people use this very convenient service. Some people, like my wife - even hate Twitter. Today I will try to fix this annoying fact, and tell - how Twitter is useful for each trader
It is no secret that the economic news from countries around the world have a huge impact on the price movement of currencies of these countries in the FX market. If you are FX trader, of course you can do technical analysis, analyze the candles and various indicators, draw trend lines, and analyze support and resistance levels and volume levels. But let's be honestly, sometimes it is absolutely does not work. Every unexpected (or expected) economic news can completely cross out any market analysis that you have done.
Of course, if you do only scalping - and never keep the trade open for more than a few seconds, and do not trade during important economic news - in this case the news is not so relevant for you. But we're talking about the vast majority of traders, and the majority are not so engaged in scalping, most traders trade more in lo…
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You forgot to add my twitter account :))

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I promise to fix this mistake)

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Informative. Good luck with the contest.

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Victor 2 July

well done.

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IntroductionOn last article we have done all needed prerequesites steps to be possible to interact with Twitter services with our future strategy. You can read the article here. With the strategy i describe on this article, as example, we will send to our Twitter account "tweets" as we had writed them on our Twitter client or web interface with some events that occurs inside JForex automatically with the values we want to send. In this case, the events i choose are order creation, order filled and order closed and all selected data related with this orders. This is only a example, but you can expand it to other ideias you might have. You can change it to act as a signal sender, level reached sender, indicator value reached, whatever you want limited only by your imagination and the "tweet" limit of 140 characters. Let's startAs we will use a external library as "interface" with Twitter to make our life easiest, some requesites are needed at start of our strategy code. The library i will use is "Twitter4J" and we need to load it inside our strategy with the annotation directive "@Library("Path to our library, path to other library needed, other more")". Also, as i don't like to use …
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geula4x 17 June

+1 Liked: high level of programming with good examples and source code! :-)

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+1 liked. completely different with better way.

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B_Positive 24 June

You are genuinely the most creative and open-minded person I have come across in this entire community as far as Jforex is concerned. You should be working at Dukascopy.. :)

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jlongo 24 June

@B_Positive: Thank you for your kind words. My opinion, they are greater than i deserve. Trade well.

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egidijus 27 June

Good article!

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IntroductionI have changed the old series name to this new one, as at this moment it don't make too much sense to mantain it in my opinion... Also you need to check the new feature that Dukascopy Team created for us called "Visual JForex". This great tool will be a must for traders who want to create strategies but do not know about java programming as is almost a "drag and drop" tool. Several ways to interact with JForex are presented on my past articles, and now, on this first article of this new series, other way will be presented. Unfortunatly this type of strategy don't is possible to be created on Visual JForex yet.As traders, with good or bad results, sometimes we want to exchange our trading activity, our fellings or market activity with others based "DEMO" or "LIVE" accounts (on Contest we have the contest pages). This "share" of activity can be just for fun and for business too. There exist several ways to inform our "social" or "business" network in real time about all aspects referred before, but that will be a tedious task as we need to do the input manualy or create "tedious" reports made by hand. What if we can share almost all we can imagine automaticaly to our pub…
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Likerty 21 May

You could merge all your articles about creating strategy and write a book:) Did you thought about that?

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jlongo 21 May

@Likerty: not at the moment. And to write a book something essential is needed: "time" and i think that the articles i made about don't deserve yet that possibility. Anyway, thanks for your kind words :) Trade well

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egidijus 24 May

Good work.

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scramble 28 May

really another great work!

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I don't even have a twitter account for now but I'm thinking of getting one, and hopefully one day integrate my strategy with it :)

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