Dukascopy has launched new Touch Binaries contest this month and I have found it as interesting as other contest at Dukascopy.
Here I will write what is touch binary and how it is different from other binary contest and how we can implement one's own old strategy to win it. Touch binary contest is more related to trading as here you can adjust strike price as per your own preference like you adjust target and stop loss in trading just here one limitation that target and loss strike price will be same..
Benefit of touch binaries contest are many as it is directly related to trading. You can open same trade in touch binary which you have opened in trader contest. So at one time you can do two contest. To participate in touch binaries contest you have to simply select Touch Binaries Contest from the drag down menu of trading contests. Click on launch contest platform. Then new window gets opened where you will see screen like the image given below.
Touch binary contest is different from binary contest in following way.
1. In touch binaries you can set strike price instead of time limit and it is intra-day.
2. Target strike price and loss strike price is same which you can set as per y
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