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One of the reason, I love to write articles in dukascopy contest, is to instill deep rooted habit by way of seemingly right knowledge passionately. So that even in my deep sleep I click right buttons. In that effort today’s article is about Trends in Forex market. I myself am a scalper and now I am trying to develop into trend following scalper. In that sense I am trying how to identify and when to enter. Broadly this article will help people who are doing Trend trading. So let’s begin.
What is trend

  • The trend is simply the general direction of market.
  • Markets don’t generally move in a straight line but are characterized by series of Zig-Zags.
  • It is direction of those peaks and troughs that constitutes the market trend.
Trend Direction

  • An uptrend is a series of successively higher peaks and troughs.
  • A downtrend is just the opposite, a series of declining peaks and troughs.
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Avnish26 3 Nov.

Interesting reading. Enjoyed it.

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Miren 7 Nov.

Good work. Simple for understanding,

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good job. good luck

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Good job!

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Excellent piece of writing.

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Many people trading currencies can sometimes get swept up in the frenzy and excitement of executing trades. There is a certain high that comes from predicting a price movement, especially when that prediction comes true and you get monetary returns for your effort. Most traders in this excitement often forget to look at the big picture. Currencies do not just move own their own, there are several factors which can cause fluctuation of currency prices. And above all, currencies trend, and a trend can last for several days or even weeks.
The big picture is what I call my trading system. It is a system that looks at the four hour charts to determine the trend, then we look for trading opportunities within that four hour chart. I see many systems based on one hour charts or fifteen minutes charts; I think these systems will generate too many signals. It is better to get two trades worth two hundred pips, than ten trades worth the same amount of pips. With two trades, you pay less trading commission, and you also invest more time to make sure those two trades have a better chance of success. The four hour chart is one of the best to use for market analysis, it shows the trend very clea…
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Agnessa26 22 Jan.

Да действительно очень интересно! Все очень хорошо написано !

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TaniaMilan 22 Jan.

realy very good job ))

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Mariia 22 Jan.

Great Job,my friend!!!!Well done!!!!

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Mariia 22 Jan.

wish you good luck!!!!!

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good luck in the contest

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