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K-line daily candle chart
Trend Analysis AUDUSD AUDUSD daily, the pressure level is 0.7670 straddle the dividing line, such as a breakthrough, the bullish 0.78. Since the Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates, the Australian dollar has been in a post-up instead of defensive, unable to break the short-term pressure, it is possible to fall into decline.
The first support position: 0.7550
The second support position: 0.7450
If not effectively support, then fell into a pressure position
1 hour K line candles

AUDUSD AUDUSD, 1 Xiaoshi candle chart analysis of trends in the upward trajectory
SELL①: at 12:00 on August 5, touch on the track, provides a good short-selling positions, operational risk with stop-loss is minimal sharp decline in touch 0.7590 to obtain support under the rail
SELL②: August 9 02 points, touching the lower rail, and below the support trend was confirmed SELL①
How to successfully find SELL① time and price position within time? See below:
10 minutes K-line diagram candle

10 minutes K Line candles: at 12:00 on August 5th, the Australian dollar fell, and below the rising trend line, MACD is also in departure from breaking under the 0 axis, the succ…
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looks very professional

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brilliant idea

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Have you ever realized how best the indicator is? Have you ever noticed sometimes how precisely the price follows the indicator and not the other way, that is the reason it is called as leading indicator, is it not? and I have seen many amateur traders, they will not trust that indicator including me when I was started trading. If one learning from Forex training center, the tutor must have told and emphasized the importance of the indicator. It is the one way to develop trust in it, if not by experience. Otherwise the newbie may ignore it and if one is very unfortunate, one may not come to know till their end of the life. An investor Oddmund Grotte shares his experience like he said “I have been investing and trading for about 16 years, but not until now have I had a look at it.....I must admit I had basically no clue what this really is  ” The indicator what I am talking is a very simple and well known PIVOT POINT (PP) LINES. Who found it? Prior to online trading and instant chart analysis like we do now, those days in the early 1970’s traders were fighting in the pit to hear their signals and acted upon it. The shouting and confusion in sending signal was overwhelming and rememb…
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good one,you could have added some stats,

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One of the best article and top level strategy

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Are you using MT4? See my article JForex vs MT4 and leave a comment... good luck

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best article

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Pivot Points are very useful in Technical analysis, but they should be used together with other tools

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A foreign exchange technology third essay "a life spent money have life" meaning actually very simple, to be foreign exchange a lot of people have life have caught the trend, but the pity is no f digest, up a little bit is liquidated, dollar rallied behind too late to regret it. Actually want to can hold single also very simple, need only several conditions, below I give you talk about. The foreign exchange market is changing so quickly, especially small band, go up a fall not strange. So we do best when the bill to 1 hour K line for the standard, in that way, not too long nor too short, like that one day may only have 2-3 times of the opportunity to order, this is a good thing can lower your do single frequency, as many people say every day to do more than 10 single foreign exchange more live more than half a year, and every day more than 20 single doesn't survive a month. Do you reduce the frequency of single is increased accuracy. Do hours a characteristic is trend chart first, buy point for second but must grasp, or increase profitability difficulty. Use a naked K technology second article judgment trend, with the first article as a hour K line find the best but the point. Only…
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Use of figures may help to better understanding of the article. Good luck.

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