Is forex trading really possible for everyone who is
interested in the currency market? Yes, it is. But you have to create a
specific trading strategy which is in line with other parts of your life, like
your job, activities and especially your family.
How to deal with forex market as an “ordinary” people
If you are not a professional full-time trader you
have to fulfill your daily work, so your timeframe to act on the forex market
will be relatively short in comparison to a professional trader, because you
are on work for about eight or more hours.
As I was a student, I traded a lot. It doesn’t matter
to me if there was on a daily chart, eight hour or five minutes timeframe. I
was using the “parabolic SAR” to place my stops, this means I had to adjust my
stop-loss every five minutes, half hour or whatever. Now I have to deal with a
job and this strategy isn’t working anymore, because it is impossible for me, to
trail the stops manually to the next point of the SAR.
The magic of trailing-stops
What is the advantage of trailing stops? Of course,
everyone knows that this little function turns your stop-loss-level in
direction of the market, when the mark…
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