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Trading tools are a critical component of forex trading as they act as an aid to decision making. Correct and consistent use of trading tools will lead to better strategies, better decision making and better interpretation of market conditions.
This article focuses on some of the trading tools that have been made available by the Dukascopy website. The main aim is to see how these function and how they can be of use in forex trading.
Getting to the trading tools.

The trading tools are available on the Dukascopy website, under the market info section. Fig 1 shows the steps to the trading tools on the website.
Fig 1: Graphical representation of the steps to trading tools.
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on the market info section
Step 3: Select the required trading tool from the drop down menu of available trading tools.
Now we can discuss how some of the trading tools can be of assistance in the trading journey.
  • SWFX Sentiment Index
The SWFX Sentiment index is an excellent tool to gauge trader positioning and sentiment in the FX market. Unlike the major equities or futures markets, there is no single centralized exchange for f…
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This article is about the use of "FX Market Hours" tool in Forex trading , It is one of many trading tools offered by dukascopy for traders.
.Dukascopy Trading Tools
Other than Built-in indicators in JForex, Dukascopy also provides the largest range of different trading tools [1] for traders. i.e

  • National Holidays Calendar
  • Dividend Calendar
  • Central Bank Rates
  • Economic Calendar
  • Stock Split Calendar
  • CFD Adjustment Calendar
  • Dividend Adjustment Calendar
  • Earnings Calendar
Charts [3]
  • Online Charts
  • Commitments of Traders (COT)
  • Currency Indexes
Quotes [4]
  • Daily Highs &Lows
  • live Quotes
  • Live Quotes Scrolling
  • Historical Data Export
  • Pivot Point
  • spreads
  • Intraday Movers & Shakers
  • Sentiment
  • Historical Sentiment
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Отличная статья, мне понравилась!

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Introduce Statement: Online Forex Trading Now not only Popular But also Very attractive work For us.we can Trade easily from Our home by Our personal computer or laptop and our smartphone like android I phone etc.No doubt Forex trading is very easy online work but earning not easy it is very hard & tough earning method but not impossible ,our good trading plan,our trading strategy will be helpful for our trading success.
Basic Forex Education:Before Start Live trading or Demo trading ,We need First Learn Basic issue of Forex Trading,we can improved our trading Knowledge ,our trading capability By Forex education.First time Novice trader don't Know ,What is Forex Market? How Forex Market work? Who gives us profit? What is take Profit ?what is stop lose?What is money Management? we can learn Many more by learning Forex education.So basic Forex education is The very important for us First time
Essential Forex Trading Tools:Forex Trading is online based trading ,so we need Stable internet connection,Desktop or laptop or smartphone.
Select Forex Broker :Forex Broker is very important part of Your Trading success ,many market maker Forex broker create more slip page for against Your trad…
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This article is an integration of the first release where I explained in deep detail all functionality and usage about the simple widget "One Click Hide-Show":
I made an important improvement to the actual code and already fixed some bug since the first release. In case you missed it, here at this link you will be redirected to the article with all explanations, while this is the link to open the JStore where you can download the tool for free (search One Click Hide-Show).

1 - Setup JForex Platform
The very first thing to do is to setup the platformin order to manage with position directly from the charts. One of the key limitations is indeed, the inhability to 'right-click' on a position to eventually close or cancel it. So it is reccomended to let the default open positions as "visible". Consider this picture:
2 - Improvements
The most important limitation of the first version, was the inhability for the code to detect any order submission, closing, cancellation or any modfication, ending in the need to refresh charts on every of the mentioned events. I "accidentally" found the way to solve this problem while working on another code for one of my strategies.
There i…
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Contrary to what a lot of people think, intuition, discipline and strategy are not the only tools required to become a successful trader. There is also a great need for information about what is going on in the various economies and what is happening around the world. This approach to trading is generally referred to as "Trading using Fundamental Analysis".
There is another school of thought that believes all fundamental data is always represented on the market charts, and as such using the charts alone to trade can be done profitably, without understanding the fundamentals behind a currency trend. This group of traders are commonly referred to as Technical traders.
Personally, I am a technical trader. Most of my trades are taken when my trading strategy gives me a trading signal, so I hardly take time to find out the fundamental information surrounding the currencies. During the month of June 2014, I experienced a loss because I did not factor in the fundamentals that were moving the currency pair. I also took a massive hit in the month of July as I took trades against the United States Dollar, even though the currency was supported by very strong fundamental information. I was s…
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THE KISS STORY Back in high school, our English language teacher told us a story. Many of you may have heard it narrated in one way or the other. It went something like this: A well known public speaker whom we will call Mr. Maneno, was giving a speech at an important event. Twenty minutes or so into the speech, people who were seated next to the speaker’s wife noticed that the she kept blowing kisses at her husband even as he spoke. When the ceremony ended, one of the ladies who had sat close to Mrs. Maneno, approached her and said; “You and your husband must be very much in love.” “Why?” Mrs. Maneno wondered. “I noticed that when your husband was speaking, you kept throwing kisses at him” the lady replied. “Oh that! Well, my husband and I have agreed that whenever he is giving a speech and I feel he is speaking too much or the speech is becoming boring, then I should blow kisses at him. It is coded body language for - Keep It Short Stupid.” KISS IN FOREX TRADING We can apply the acronym KISS to forex trading with another code: Keep It Simple Stupid. The operative word here is - simple. Many of us traders over-analyse the market using all manner of tools to try and find the perf…
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doctortyby avatar

I like the first story in your article.Keep it Short and Simple.It was a pleasure the read your article.Do you use Order Flow in your trading systems?

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captain 8 Oct.

Thank you doctortyby for your comments - no, I do not use Order Flow but I do pay attention to market depth when necessary.

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SpecialFX 26 Oct.

Good article and I fully agree with it. Speaking from personal experience, the simpler my trading approach became, the higher the profitability, and the lower my stress levels are. People sometimes try to be too "artistic" as I call it, loads of indicators, lines, studies, and for what? In the end they still do not know what to do, because they freeze with so much conflicting information, known as analysis paralysis :)

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captain 27 Oct.

I like that phrase SpecialFx - analysis paralysis ...

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SmithJr 29 Oct.

This is one of the reasons why I always try to made my trades automatically (i.e., using strategies) the 99% of the time, to avoid overload of information at "market time", avoid stress, misunderstanding signals, etc.Good article.

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