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Humans have really strong tendency to sell assets which brought them profit and avoid to sell those which has shown loss. This reaction is called disposition effect and has major impact on most of trader’s trades. To explain this situation, scientists said that, in general, we avoid grief caused by losing transaction and we are aiming to reach pride caused by wining one. The main question is: Does closing early profitable transaction and keep increasing loss make reasonable trading?

Defining the problem

Every trader should check if he or she undergoes a disposition effect. Identifying problem may help optimizing trader’s outcome.
There are three questions you have to answer and if you answered yes to one of these questions you probably ended up trapped in disposition effect, keeping open losing positions when loss is only increasing in time:
1. If the price will return from the loss to break even point I am going to sell this position.
2. Loss is so big at the moment so I won’t close position because rebuilding capital will take too much time.
3. I will keep losing position because loss is so big it cannot go any bigger further.
How to prevent yourself from bei
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Mattie 1 Sep.

Spend more time managing your winners than losers. Stop loss orders work for losing trades and GTC orders work well to capture profit when you do not have time to stare at the tape action all day.

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It has been debated for years whether or not stocks should be traded around the clock, but so far the disadvantage and impracticality outweigh the advantages. Even though we currently have the technological structure to support such market hours’ extension as seen in Forex and Commodities markets, the institutions and exchanges aren’t really pushing towards such endeavor.
Firstly, the relationship between liquidity and market data – news and analyst readings, propose a contradictory stance on keeping the markets open as we may still be able to act on news and data coming after hours but the lack of liquidity reduces this benefactor. No Liquidity no good prices, even though we might get breaking news and data there won’t be that many traders and investors to act on it as most will be ‘asleep’. Market makers working within specific office hours are simply not active 24 hours a day as hiring additional staff and employing larger capital into their operations would not always present more benefits. While the retail investor can trade throughout the day, the costs for running its operations are minimal compared to institutions. When it comes down to brokers and dealer’s extending wor…
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Trading Weekly and Daily Charts
This strategy assumes some ability to evaluate the character of candles. The candles are the most basic element of price action. Each candle tells a story. It is more important to evaluate candles in certain areas such as in the preferred entry area which will be described. Steve Nison and Gregory Morris are experts in Japanese Candlestick interpretation and one is encouraged to study their material.
Time Frames: Weekly, Daily and H4 and M30. Using a specific criteria, weekly and daily zones will be identified where trades may occur. The M30 will be used to pinpoint trades within the context of the 30 minute time frame. Since this is not a scalping method time frames less than 30 minutes are not used. Very occasionally the 15 min time frame may be used.
Strategy: Identify key support and resistance utilizing large bodied weekly candles. The 50% rule is explained later and is the preferred area of entry but not necessarily the only area for entry. Daily large bodied candles are also used in the same manner but here I always trade in the context of the weekly large bodied candle. …
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In order to become a successful forex trader, it takes a lot of time and effort, with many ups and downs no doubt cropping up along the way. There is a lot of risk involved, from making trades themselves to the entire process of placing a lot of your own money on the line, hoping certain currencies will increase in value. For this reason, a lot of people aren’t willing to drop everything and try to make it as a full-time forex trader straightaway. However, you can also lose out on a lot of income even when attempting to trade forex part-time. There are however, a few ways that you can begin trading forex around a full-time job with City Index.
Trade Within Your Means
You should always trade within your financial means, whether a part, full-time or hobby trader, as large losses can easily be made in the forex industry. However, when working a day job as well you need to only trade within your time limits and base your trading strategy around this. Start off small, only trading one or two major currency pairs that won’t take up too much of your time to research and plan. It’s not worth scrimping on your full-time job, such as skipping meetings or rushing work, just so you can make a…
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1. Préambule.
J'entame tôt ce matin ma session de trading, j'ai ouvert toutes mes fenêtres sans accroc cette fois, je suis content. Les graphiques ne me donnent rien, je peux attendre. L'EUR/USD démarre à la hausse mais mon modèle reste muet, il est déjà 11:30, je pars déjeuner.
A mon retour, je constate qu'une nouvelle des États-Unis a fait bouger les cours avec force: plus de 90 pips sur l'EUR/USD en une minute. Les chandeliers précédant la nouvelle sont comprimés par ce grand chandelier, je ne vois plus rien, tous mes indicateurs ont explosé. Je comprends alors qu'il faudra patienter encore longtemps et ça m'agace. Je pars prendre un café question de me calmer !
Je reviens une heure et demie plus tard et il me semble, je ne suis pas sûr mais il me semble qu'une configuration graphique se dessine sur une paire. Je ne l'ai jamais étudiée, jamais vue mais elle est belle, alors je la suite, vous devriez la connaître.

2. Impatience et temps.

Lorsqu'on se penche sur une stratégie de trading, on désire dans un premier temps s'enquérir de la pertinence du modèle, c'est le backtest. Viennent ensuite l'optimisation de la stratégie et sa mise en application. Un des aspect…
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HOW CRUCIAL IS TIME AND TIMING IN FOREX TRADING? The pros don’t want you to know this!
This article if not about HOW to trade, but focuses on the WHEN of trading – its about time and timing. I have researched this information about Forex trading to enable you answer for yourselves the question “Does it matter WHEN I trade?” While you can make money whether the market is moving up or down, it’s extremely difficult to make money when the market is moving sideways.
Therefore, given that the market for a particular currency may spend 60% to 75% of its time moving sideways, it is very important to know when the TRENDING activity is MOST likely to occur.
This Two-part article (I & II) reveals the habits of Five major currency pairs in the 4Hour time-frame.
This article seeks to help you make the odds even.
Imagine,that having access to this information will stack the odds in your favor. But, pause for a moment, and think that for each currency pair you already knew you will now know: [list][/list]…
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Currency costs are repeatedly on the shift, but you will find certain trading hours that seems to be more gainful for the traders. It is significant for success to recognize when these times occur and what are the things that might make the market active. Once the market of currency opens on a Sunday afternoon, it moves 24 hours for whole week till Friday. So, while this is possible for finding several trading chances during the inaugural time, there is nothing doubtful that there are certain periods when one can attain profit while trading. Looking for the better times for trading in the forex trading market involves finding the forces that shifts the trading market and then resolves trade when the forces remain at play. The trading currency facilitates the consumer and commercial transactions and also the planned currency standby shifts of the sovereign countries. Although it is a bit difficult to find to find when these types of forces will have an effect on the trading market, this is quite possible to perfectly predict when other types of forces will result in important moves. Search for times when the biggest economies remain open and also overlap in the opening times, as it…
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Likerty 24 Oct.

Interesting approach. Although it is not very wise move to submit article in the last week of the contest month..:) Didnt you saw my article about FX trading sessions?:)

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doctortyby 30 Oct.

Two articles this month with a simillar approach. :) I personally trade only during the London session (the London Open and New York Opne during the London, and of course the London close). Keep writing. :)

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Nicco 31 Oct.

On the desktop I see now 12:20 (Bucharest time=GMT -2 H), on a chart at the last candlestick I see now 10:20. What timi is on the candlestick? Thank you in advance!

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doctortyby 31 Oct.

@ Nicco - Bucharest Time is GMT +2 so the New York session starts at 12:00 GMT - 14:00 GMT Bucharest Time, London session closes at 5:00 PM GMT, 7:00 PM Bucharest Time. This was the question?!

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-1) Take care of your family
My most important rule. This sounds very easy, but
sometimes, your trades would chain you to the computer. Try to spend time with
your family. This keeps your head free. Trading with an full time job and
family is very heavy and burdensome. If you have kids too, and try to trade
every evening, don’t forget your kids or your partner. A happy family and a
good feeling is more motivating and important,  than anything else. I also had the problem in
my past. Now my partner and my daughter know what I’m doing and they understand
it and assist me. The social aspects are very important but most people don’t think about it
before or just forget them as I did in my beginning.
Don’t forget: No money loves you more and gives you more love than your
family. If you loose your family, you loose much more than just money!
-2) NEVER let a Winner turn into a
This is also a very important rule you should try to follow.
The holy rule. The Currency Market can move very fast, so a winning trade may
turn into an loosing trade in seconds.
So try to take the maximum gain of the trade or just work with trailing
stops. Nothing is more frustrating in FX Trading if a glorio…
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Hi and thank you very much for your comments; they are very motivating for me. I hope I'll get my 2nd article asap, but my daughter is sick and so she needs my attention

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And the most important rule: abide by those rules...As you can see English for me is also another galaxy;) nothing will stop ambitious people +1

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I hope your daughter is well. The Family is more important tha trading or anything else. good Luck and Good Health +1

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