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The journey to success in Forex trading begins with self-introspection and discovering the trading style and strategies that suit your objectives, risk appetite, lifestyle and own unique circumstances. It is imperative to find a trading technique that is in sync with your personality than to try to conform to someone else's idea of a "proper trader". This article seeks to help traders discover their own trading styles.

The first port of call is assessing you level skill, competence and preparedness for the task of Forex trading by answering a series of questions. These questions if answered correctly will help in moulding a top notch trader. The best trading style for any individual depends on many factors including the reasons to trade, availability, work preferences, requirement for flexibility and level of patience
  • Reasons to trade:
Understanding the reasons behind the trading will help in setting the overall objectives and understand how trading will fit into your lifestyle. Answering the following questions will help you understand if trading is the best thing.
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vap61 avatar
vap61 12 Apr.

сильная статья,проработаны все аспекты торговли,лайк!))

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Sebine 18 Apr.

Good luck!:)

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rashadali 27 Apr.

goood article 

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1. Abstract.
Today I want to talk about my trading history with the simple purpose of to share the experience and aim to all who loves read real stuff.
I will share the results of my live trading account before to join the community and demo contest account at this time to make the analysis and track my journey on trading the objective way.
With this information, I will able to discuss and remark why and how the evolution of the results and the importance of trading.
You can improve your results if follow the rules and recommendations, self-educating more time than trading.
In this article, I will share as well my thoughts at the beginning of my trading live account and the emotions among that trading time.
2. Development.
I will create two blocks of information, the first with my initial journey and the results of this job.
Then I will create the second block with the results of contest trading because this is manual trading with community rules.
2.1 Live trading results.
On January 2016, as most people or more like everyone one day I have received information about forex market, an unknown world for me. So I decided to make a research because I don't like put money on magic syste…
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Aviator avatar
Aviator 28 Feb.

good work

Helena_Prekrasnaj avatar

I like your real, practical work. I wish you success!

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Wovch 28 Feb.

very good

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klintons 3 Mar.

Gut artikel

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хорошо написано

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It is one of the seasoned trader who introduced me to the concept called “tactical trading”. Of course it is during a routine conversation that I asked a question to him “which one do you trade? Fundamentals or technicals? He told “I do both at a time!” meaning he trades technicals and fundamentals simultaneously. This sounded too funny to me as majority of traders either trade fundamentals or technicals and not both, that is too at a time! This curiosity and my eagerness to really explore this style of trading made me to learn the same in depth. It took me almost 5 years to learn nuts and bolts of this style of trading. It is named as”tactical trading” because in this style of trading we use more of our intelligence as well as tact as compared to the pre-defined systems and strategies used in most of the styles of trading. Tactical trading has many dimensions and it is highly impossible to cover all of them in a single article. In this article, I will deal with an element of under this style of trading known as “price corridor”. One should note the fact that like price action, explaining tactical trading with real time charts is also a hilarious task as what happens during live ac…
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SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 21 Sep.

Even though my trading approach is purely technical (because I do not try to predict, I just react), only a very naive trader can believe that technicals are the only thing that moves the market, especially in long term scenarios. Example, if a central bank unexpectedly initiates a series of interest rate cuts the currency goes down A LOT, no matter what the trend lines, the bollingers, the elliot waves, etc, predicted before. Great article, especially the bit about fundamentals :)

thescalper avatar
thescalper 24 Sep.

Still tech has edge over fundamental trading, after all CHARTS don't LIE.

alifari avatar
alifari 24 Sep.

I found this article interesting - well done

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 27 Sep.

It is always a pleasure to see great articles from You my friend

fxigor avatar
fxigor 26 Oct.

Nice article.I use arbitrage trading strategy and I use forex pairs with correlation bigger than 80.I learn from you about “potential price corridor " and thank you for that. Do you use simmilary strategy in your trading?

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  What’s my trading style? The answer is quite worthwhile. Before a trade I scan the market for a currency pair That can make my price and profit fair. I watch the chart patterns, moving averages, Gann angles, Ascending and descending triangles. The chart is the most important indicator I use it as a trading fabricator. All the charts have in common only one thing: Current price is the king. Connecting the peaks and the right valley, Trying to determine an appropriate rally. Support and resistance are drawn on my chart Creating a masterpiece resembling art. Watching the dips for maximum pips My eyes widen with a smile on my lips. Technical signs give me confidence Trying to find the hidden divergence. Candles light a path in the dark of the bank But to light the candle I need a Swiss franc. I may also need a British pound To get a clear trade off the ground. When entering on hammer or upon a shooting star I make sure that it lines up with my daily bar. 40-moving average is a trend defining tool And that set up is cool. I place a profit target and a stop loss All this is done to satisfy my boss.   Healthy balance between risk and a reward Is always o…
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Nikki5 avatar
Nikki5 13 Sep.

I love your poem, Good Luck!

stomaraka avatar
stomaraka 14 Sep.

Good poem, made me laugh. And full of wisdom, too: "...when I have doubt, I stay the hell out"

great and refreshing, it's a winner

nikunj0580 avatar
nikunj0580 14 Sep.

Good poetry.. +1 for you ..Keep growing

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 25 Sep.

Forex and Trading itself is a poetry, and a music beyond sounds... and an Art... +1 and good luck

ritesh avatar
ritesh 27 Sep.

Great article and last week of competition, so best of luck buddy +1

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