The trading system of the trader is an algorithm by which trading positions are opened and closed. Spontaneous transactions rarely bring a positive result, therefore, working on Forex, you need to create your own trading system. This will help reduce the impact of the human factor, as well as significantly reduce the time costs for trade. The main part of the trading system is the analysis of the market and the receipt of trading signals. Analyze the market can be using macroeconomic data or technical analysis. Trading systems based on technical analysis are more common, as technical analysis provides more opportunities for traders. Trading system can be different. Some systems use trend trading. The purpose of the system are: - determination of the existing trend (trend indicators are used for this); - selection of a point to enter the market (the entrance is usually made after a market rollback, which is calculated using Fibonacci or MA levels); - selection of the exit point (support / resistance levels or oscillators can be used for this).
The next kind of trading systems is trading on rollback. The entrance to the market is carried out at the signal of the oscillator …
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