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With so many indicators and forms of analysis, taking trades may seem overwhelming – there’s always conflicting information and varying viewpoints. But there is a simple trading strategy.
Break every trade down into four parts, and only focus on one part at a time. Here are the four steps that form the anatomy of every trade. Keep your focus on these for simple trading.
1. The Setup:

This setup is what’s needed for a trade to potentially occur. There are thousands of trade setups, ideally you should only trade one or two if you want to keep your trading simple. Assume for a moment you use Bollinger Bands Breakout. You buy or sell when the candle break the upper or lower band and close above or below the band (this is not an endorsement of this method, just an example).
Figure 1. AUD/USD Daily Bollinger Bands Strategy
When the candle in the middle of Bollinger Bands, there is no possible trade setup. You do nothing. When the candle break the bands and close you now have a potential trade setup you’ll want to watch for.
Having a setup lets you know when you should be trading and when you shouldn’t. No setup, no trading. If a setup is forming, proceed to next step.
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Great work! Thank you!

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очень поучительная статья

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At about 08.00 GMT, Saturday the 9th of January 2016, when I was reading one of the article posted here. I discovered once again how, many traders are so obsessed with creating strategies that they presume will make them profits in the market accurately and consistently.
Towards the end of the reading, these where the authors own words, may I ask permission to quote it “This whole process taught me the importance of considering large time frames during my trading analysis, and also the fact that automated strategies will never to totally reliable because they lack the human intellect to consider real-time fundamental changes in the market”.
This trader is not only correct, but did demonstrate from the statement above that she understands market price dynamics.
Granted, every forex trader wants to make profit. The old trader feels very badly when he sees he still get trade losses and the newbie trader becomes even more nervous and don’t want to get losses. In this article I want to remind the older trader and show the newbie traders what works, don’t quote me wrong, for some it works for them – understand my personal trading secrets am about to reveal for the first time
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great article!

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useful work

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Every trading method will have parameters for entries and exits. Some traders will decide to wait for confirmation and for
others, the fact that price is at a specific level is all the confirmation they need. This article looks at a great reversal pattern to use for confirming short trades.
I like to trade from higher time frame levels,mainly from the daily chart but I will always wait for confirmation before
considering an entry. Stops based solely on a daily level can be quite large and also price might not be ready to turn yet. Waiting for a reversal offers a safer approach to trading and helps to minimize losses and increase the reward to risk ratio on trades.
Considering the trend
To consider a short I want price to be at a level which I have objectively identified as supply on the daily chart. A level which I believe price will fall from based on a previous move from the same level.
When price hits a supply level the trend will usually be up. An up trend will often have higher highs along with higher lows and will sometimes have demand levels which would have formed during the up move. In an up trend you would expect demand levels to hold and supply levels to fail, so whilst…
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@Likerty. Yes indeed there are always multiple trends in play at an given time. The challenge is to identify the direction regardless of what seems to be lots of conflicting signals.

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This article is indeed very powerful. Please keep it up

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well written

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Thanks Victor and IGUMZFX

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Nice article

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This article will explain some useful factors to consider when trading based on the supply and demand methodology. I will provide a brief overview of supply and demand before delving into how to identify high probability levels from which to trade. Supply and Demand Overview The only reason why price moves in any and all markets is because of an imbalance in supply and demand. The greater the imbalance, the greater the move. Strong moves in price away from a level indicate that not all orders were filled. For example, at the origin of a supply level, there are not enough buy orders to fulfil the number of sell orders. This is why price moves away in such a strong fashion. When price returns to those levels, the novice traders are buying into an area where institutions have their sell orders. Institutions and professionals sell to the novices then there are no more buy orders so price must fall again. The opposite is true for demand levels. In both cases, the novice traders provide the liquidity the institutions need to get their orders out in the market. The best opportunities to profit in trading are where we can buy at the cheapest price possible (wholesale prices) and se…
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Robert4 8 Sep.

What method do you use to determine how you draw the supply and demand rectangles in terms of which candle of each zone do you choose? For example (in the case of a supply zone) Sam Seiden uses the top of the highest candle and the lowest part of the body of the candle in the group whereas you seem to be random as to what points of the candle you choose to draw you rectangles? Can you please explain. Thank you Rob

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Hi amoths57, I'm glad you found it useful, the follow up article is here:

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Hi Robert4. Whilst I try to look for levels which are nice and neat, SD levels are not always presented in this way. I know that some of the rectangles in the article are not tightly up against the candles but sometimes the rectangle tools on platforms don't allow for that. Over time you just get a feel for how to draw the levels and where supply is. For example the H4 chart is also a swap zone which also adds confluence. I hope that helps

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CJFX 28 July

Is this the same MaximumLots from The concepts on that site seem similar to your methods

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Hi CJFX yes you are right. There's more info on supply and demand trading on that website.

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Choosing to go
into the Forex market on a full-time basis will be one of the most difficult
career choices that someone will ever make. With the challenging financial
situation facing many persons all over the world amidst bleak employment
prospects, the Forex market can appear to be a viable choice for both
short-term needs and long-term stability. While many will agree with this, it
is imperative that a few key factors be considered before jumping into an area
that can make you much worse off financially than you may think is possible.
Since trading
involves real money, one has to consider if the potential return will be worth
the time and effort required. One benchmark that should be used is the salary
earned in an existing or a potential job suited to your educational background
and work experience. If trading cannot measure up to this standard, then it should
not be considered as a realistic option. Furthermore, trading should perhaps
provide a premium above that salary to compensate for being dependent on an
income source that is more uncertain relative to other jobs. Having established
what this figure needs to be, you can then move on to the other impor…
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very good job here my friend

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