Happy New Year to all of you from
beginners to the top of the most experienced fellow traders! I wish you in 2012
year to gain the success and the knowledge you never gained before and to use
it for good and fair causes!
 In this series of articles I will show you
some aspects of my live trading activity. I will try to extract the most
important part of the rules that I use in my real trading in details that will
give you the confidence and the instrument for your personal success in the
career as a trader.
Firstly I will explain in more
details the basics of my trading statistics diary. That is the only most
important component of my trading strategy and now you will see why! I have a
track record of every trade I made during my journey as a trader. I do that not
for a reason to remember my good or bad days, but for one simple reason – to be
able to process statistically all my trading history and to evaluate all the
factors which affect it. Only with a detailed statement I am able to calculate
the parameters of my trading and to check am I doing it better or worst as
compared to previous period.
For every single trade I put in my
worksheet I note the parameters explained below:
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