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Traders emerges and vanishes with couple of months and they go back to their normal work saying trading isn’t for me. Initially they thought Trading is like playing kids game by watching YouTube videos, reading some old/outdated techniques but reality is two edged sword it will cut you from both side. After some years some traders will come back by collecting their hard earned money to take revenge but as usual they will cut and lose never come back to Trading again in their life.
Dukascopy observed above scenarios and their built University (Dukascopy Contest) for people like us who don’t have knowledge and investment on Trading but Why so many Contests?

Trader Contest:

Trading is like one Country and trading contest is like president of that nation, he is the one who drive the country but at the same we need other ministers (Other contests) as well to make a country successful in long way. He needs idea of respective minster to make power/critical decision ( ex: Gold market is going down, what it implies and how its co-related to country like USA and how to get profit from it) in critical time to make it country very successful.
Signal Provider Grand Pri
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vladik98 30 June


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Vlad73 30 June

very good

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McWallt 1 July

cool !

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very good

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A typical conversation with a ‚Wannabee’ pro trader goes like this:
Me: Soooo, what’re you doing?
Wannabee: I’m gambling on forex ????
Hahaha… no.
This statement is apparently innocent and most Wannabees tell it as some sort of a joke, but the truth is – it’s a dangerous one. Do you know why? Because it shapes your actions. Yes, the way you think and talk about yourself shapes your actions.Have you ever talked to a professional trader? If you ask one what does he do on forex, he will tell you:I’m making money.Notice the difference? He is totally aware of the risk and he knows he’s gonna lose some money in the process, but, he still states that he earns money. You will never hear him calling himself a loser.There’s a reason to why professional traders make money on Forex – experience, good trading methodology, good risk management etc, etc. But there’s also one factor that usually slips away unnoticed.
Have you ever talked to a professional trader? If you ask one what does he do on forex, he will tell you:
I’m making money.
Notice the difference? He is totally aware of the risk and he knows he’s gonna lose some money in the process, but, he still states that he earns money. You will…
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gargantua 21 Apr.

very interesting

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Hi pip makers/friends, I am new-bee to the Dukascopy’s community and always very curious to find out the new-thing or updates. I was really shocked when i saw the fun contests in the trading platform, felt very happy.
Dukascopy have different contest like miss Dukascopy contest, poker contest, extreme contest, valentines contest, ho ho contest, which are not correlated to each other. It’s look like a complete food with variety of dishes.
I had a little disappointment because except poker I didn’t feel fun in any other contest and thinking why Dukascopy kept the fun contest? These are not funny enough. I don’t know may be Dukascopy heard my wish and saw one announcement in the community about the new contest called 911 CONTEST .
The first thought came to my mind when I saw the 911 contest name, is it emergency helpline number? no it's not.
After reading the rules i was saying to myself like don’t predict the entire movie story based on just watching trailer because the actual picture didn’t yet start .
CONTEST AIM: Reward the user of the community members for their active participation.
When i saw the contest aim what’s special in these already they have dukats competition every qua…
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Yonggi7 12 Apr.

C'est extra! Félicitations pour la présentation!

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AAAnya 12 Apr.

Interesting point of view!

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Nattysha 27 Apr.

Классный новый конкурс 911!

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First question came to my mind when I joined DUKASCOPY's community,why poker has been added to DUKASCOPY's Contest which is Gambling?
Finally understood the purpose of it by understanding the Overall Contest Beauty of DUKASCOPY so ,let me explain in detail.
Some people have misunderstanding about Poker saying its Gambling but it’s not in my prescriptive Trading and Poker are same so Poker is not Gambling.
Call ?
Raise ?
Fold ?
Buy ?
Sell ?
Buy/Sell ?
In both we have only three options and you need to choose wisely to win or stay in the game.
Poker: Every table is different ,Every game is different , Every situation is different and as well your opponent so every game is new game so you need to play wisely.
Trading: Same as goes with trading .
So better be prepared with your own weapons/strategy for all new wars otherwise you don’t stand a chance in the war.
Poker: Based on set of rules and regulations.
Trading: We will create our own rules for trading.
example: trade your plan ,Keep your losses to less,always use a stop loss.
So you need to be well aware about all the rules in Poker to win the game same way you need to create your own rules to win the game i…
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P22498 6 Mar.


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harih 6 Mar.

well done

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Kivetat 9 Mar.


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Joelito 16 Sep.

i never really thought about the connection between poker and trading till now.  this is one interesting article, Sanju777.  keep it coming!!

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Uno de los errores más comunes de los traders poco experimentados es intentar realizar una operación sin tener un plan de trading bien definido. Un plan completo de trading contiene varios aspectos que serán imprescindibles para alcanzar unos buenos resultados. Cualquier plan de trading tendrá que sostenerse en un sistema de trading con esperanza matemática positiva, sumado a una metodología eficiente de gestionar el riesgo; esto sumado a una fortaleza mental que posibilite la evitación de trampas de los sesgos mentales que pueden hacernos cometer errores fatales. Un buen sistema de trading es el que se basa en las roturas de los rangos. El análisis de roturas de rangos es una de las técnicas más utilizadas en trading y su conocimiento puede ayudar al trader a ampliar sus herramientas de interpretación del mercado. Las roturas de los rangos de trading son unos de los movimientos de precio más respetados por todos los analistas técnicos. Los seguidores de tendencia los adoran y los swing traders de corto plazo que se basan en situaciones de sobrecompra y sobreventa se ponen ansiosos ante su aparición. En este artículo tratare la estrategia de rotura clásica. La estrategia básica fr…
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edlim 25 Sep.

nice work, good sharing. Thanks )

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rupesh1984 27 Sep.

trading plan is basic first step of any trader, and with the changing environment of market one must have follow the market.

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Good luck!

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Есть, что почерпнуть)

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ivanbgd 29 Oct.

very good text!

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There are many elements that, when put together, produce a great trader. If you look and read about them, you will usually find three different types of analysis: technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis. If you continue reading, they will tell you that if you analyze properly from the technical aspect, as well as take into consideration context of the currency pair i.e. fundamental analysis, you will do well as a trader. However, this is only partially true.
One of the main reasons why very few brilliant scholars can make their way into trading, lies in their trading plan, or the lack of one. Out of many Forex experts I follow on Twitter, only one or two of them have a background in finance/economics. If you ask why, your answer lies in the title of this article - Trading plan. Instead of reading endless papers on how to define your trading plan, I advise to use Trading Contest to practice and most importantly, to learn how to trade in the right way. And that is: by limiting your position size (risk management), defining trade parameters (entry, SL and TP) as well as trying to stick to your plan.
Fundamental analysis

Each and every morning when I go through all charts, I for…
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great work

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well done!

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Sennna88 29 June

Thanks a lot both of you!

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zarina 30 June

Спасибо , очень  интересная статья !

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Sennna88 30 June

much appreciated :)

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Say that phrase seems daring. Normally things are not as we imagine.
The world of forex trading where people enter is a distant world for most people.
People do not know understand a chart of the EUR / USD pair, they do not know FOREX or CFDs or, do not know which is an indicator. Ask your friend about the stochastic or RSI. They will respond with another question: Is it a UFO model?
You can take a few years in the world of forex trading or you can take two months. Still you do not know or can not obtain constant returns for your money. You do not get to be a consistent trader.
Do not worry. This happens to all forex traders. ALL. Absolutely all they go down that road. Whoever says otherwise is lying.
Who has not thought about being a millionaire and then lost and lost?
When we do trading in forex let me say that you are influenced by your culture, your values, your principles, your family, your education, your beliefs, your intellectual level, social status, your friends, your EGO, and hundreds of other things . None of these things will help you win. These things just make your trading is poor. They put tripping on each transaction, even without that you
see it. You have a mask t…
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Paciencia, la madre de la ciencia.
Para el forex se necesita paciencia...lo digo por experiencia.

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I done my own thing and went my own way in Forex and found success . You have good principles in your article . May I also add you do not need 4 monitors and endless charts ,don't listen to them, those gurus who's blessings are actually a curse .

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zenfire 6 June

So it is JockPippin. I made too many courses and only about 10% has helped me to something. Better working yourself.

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Yes. Never listen to analysts or something. It seems that they detect a trade when the train has to late to invest.

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good job!

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I wrote one article on my blog few months ago. This article was one of my most reviewed and discussed topic on my blog and few guys told me it was most interesting thing I ever share in public. I would like to share this article with you guys and hopefully you can find it interesting as well. Listen up the true story.
Three years ago I discussed with my friends (traders) on one trading chat about trading contests. We mainly discussed about one issue. This issue was if these trading contests have a sense. Most of the guys wrote general comments about bad impact to beginners. Other traders said that most of these contests are corrupted by the participants who are cheating, using multiple accounts and similar things. Worst thing was that many people don’t believe even contest providers. They were talking about manipulation and strange rules which can damage non related contestants with subject who organize the contest. I was surprised that many people thing that way. I set up a bet against one of the most respected trader who supported opinions that lot of the contest are probably corrupted. I said. „We can sort out this issue only if some of us will join to the contest with possibil
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Airmike 14 Feb.

Well , Its not a big deal to figure out why my article has bad quality rate. I post this article like it is because I didn't want to put non related stuff with Dukascopy contest. I was thinking about charts and posting every trade in 4 track record tapes. and whole equity with profitability indicators like W, R, ROI and others. but all this things was originally from Dukascopy competitor site. Maybe I didn't put enough information but in other hand, I never get that interesting feedback under my article. Its nice anyway.

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@JudgeDredd I would really love to hear more about your days as interbank dealer, maybe you can write an article and shed some light on how it's to work at an institutional level. I'm sure your article will get a lot of attention, it's great to have people with such a huge experience like yours and I'm sure many will appreciate if you're going to write an article

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P3tr4 19 Feb.

really loved it. Wonderful article. I read somewhere that Trading is all about getting to know yourself. I think 4000% is a remarkable achievement.

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MyiDEA 21 Feb.

good luck...nice

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babonasfx 22 Feb.

good luck Airmike !!! you a good article!!!!!!!

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Hi Friends, While going through the results of the past few months trading contest, I found some interesting examples of contestants ending the month with more than 1000 plus pip points in the month, but still ending the month with one half or one third of the beginning equity. As we all know, making few hundred pips a month is in itself a big achievement. Still these contestants were not able to capitalize on their fantastic pip gains and ended losing more than half of their starting equity. A deep study of their trades showed an interesting pattern- high leverage and poor money management. Only if they had used little bit less leverage and had strict money management rules, they would have ended the month in the positive. Even though they might not have been in winning position at the end of the month, their ranking would have been significantly higher than what they had achieved. Below are two randomly selected examples of contestants who made around 1000 pip points in the month, but had vastly different equity balances at the end of the month. Example 1- Pip points gained- 1002 Start of the month equity-$100,000 End of the month equity- Around $60,000 Win/Loss ratio- 85% M…
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Randagio 14 Mar.

you're right, Sudink: everyone here should be willing to improve his methods and to learn not to loose money. But if the gamblers win so often, in this contest, maybe it's the contest rules that should be changed. Or maybe gambling is, for some reason, a part of the game that Dukas wants to maintain. Excellent analisys, though. :-)

Efegen avatar
Efegen 14 Mar.

Sudink I agree with you. However I am quiet pleased with the rules. I believe Dukascopy points also supports the less riskier contestants. Equity is just one of the pillars.

sudink avatar
sudink 14 Mar.

Thanks Randagio and Efegen for your comments. I think Dukascopy contest is one of the fairest competitions around where the winner is decided not only on end equity(as in other competitions), but also on pip points gained, win/loss ratio, maximum drawdown, etc. As far as gamblers winning the competition is concerned, data shows that gambling mentality will not take those traders far ahead in their real life trading and they would end up in the list of 95% of traders who blow up their accounts. Cheers!

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Delossan 29 Mar.

Agree on this one..

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IntroductionThe forecasts are based on supply-demand mismatch as well as Fibonacci ratios presented in past editions of this article series "ingreedients of my pipping recipe". Trading ForecastsThe win-loss percentage for these forecasts is 83%, while risk reward is variable from 1:3 to more than 1:4. Hundred such trades with 83% win-loss ratio and 1:4 risk reward ratio should give 250% gain without any leverage.AUD CADThe four hour and daily charts show a confluence of upmove odds, from 1.0160, for the target of 1.0440 (280 pips). The stop loss for this trade is 1.01 (60 pips). This is a 1:4 risk reward trade.GBP NZDThe sterling kiwi pair is yet to reach the supply zone from 2.17 and can then move downwards for few weeks from zone of 2.1700 - 2.2000 towards the next demand zone of 1.9000 ( a risk of 600 pips for a possible gain of 2700 pips, 1:4)EUR NOKThe Euro - Norwegian Krona pair is showing weakness on daily charts and is highly likely to move south in coming days from the level of 7.8600, for a target of 7.7300 (around 1300 pips). The Stop Loss is the breach of supply-demand mismatch zone (7.9000, i.e. 400 pips). This trade is thus giving risk of 400 pips for 1300 pip gain (1…
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ELENA_M 25 Nov.

enough interesting.Will check your forecasts :)

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You are monster man! 1500 hits to your article only today. very impressive great work i say.....

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ritesh 26 Nov.

Thanks for your support friends. :)

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ELENA_M 28 Nov.

yes, this pair from Friday made jump down more than 400 pips - from 2.096 to 2.053. But still in the chanel on 4h (low border - 2.049). Very riskful to trade, but interesting to inspecting :)

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vad94 22 Mar.

Thank you for the article. Very good, a lot of interesting!

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