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Добрый день, уважаемый читатель сообщества Dukascopy!
Сегодня затрону тему всеми известной стратегии "усреднение", которой пользуются порядка 30% начинающих трейдеров. Большинство из них используют усреднение + увеличенный лот для каждой новой операции на рынке, на таких условиях рано или поздно результат очевиден. Бывают результаты, которые могут быть успешными на протяжении 5-6 месяцев, а иногда и года. Исходя из этой статистики, просадка на счете может доходить и до 50%, а иногда и до 80%, что чаще всего вызывает "отчаяние" у трейдера.
Усреднение используют трейдеры на основе своей потребности. Разберем стандартную практику выставления ордеров по стратегии усреднение.
База выставления значений:
1. Значение TP - 100 пунктов (для пятизначной котировки).
2. Значение SL - нет.
3. Открытие сделки (buy/sell) - на основе предыдущей свечи на временном интервале M30 (черная свеча - sell / белая свеча - buy)
4. Не открывать ордера в момент выступления глав Центральных Банков, выхода важных макроэкономических показателей, а так же решение важных политических ситуаций в мире.
5. Валютная пара - любая со значением спреда до 30 пунктов (для пятизначной котировки).
6. Усреднять ордер на рынке …
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Rostislav17 avatar

Как по мне, то усреднение это путь в никуда.  Лучше сразу резать убытки и спать спокойно. Проверено на себе

makar avatar
makar 3 Apr.

Суть заключается в обходе усреднения, суть донесена во второй части статьи.

OlgaBLR avatar
OlgaBLR 5 Apr.


ajnje avatar
ajnje 6 Apr.

En las aperturas de las velas debe ser muy interesante.Buena descripción de un trading plan.

Apophis avatar
Apophis 6 Apr.

лень читать, но одобряю

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Today I will write very personal article for me. I think that we need to share our experience on market, if we are real traders.
I am sure that most of those who will read it, will do not understand me, and my action, and will say - "You're an idiot!". Anyway, I honestly will tell you about it.
August 20, 2012, had very little time to 13 September 2012, when QE3 was launched in the United States, and Eurozone debt crisis would be finished. Two events, after which the dollar began its non-stop fall down. At that time, I had some problems in my life about which I will not talk in this article. Let me just say that I was very angry at the whole world, and even on the market, although it is very silly.
The market does not know anything about our existence, it does nothing to spite us. In all our losses we must blame only ourselves. I understand it now, and I knew it at the time. However, I went on principle. I decided that I could beat the market. I decided that I could be more stubborn than the market. And August 20, 2012 I made short EUR/USD trade, at the 1.2459 level. As I recall, take-profit was only 1.2409, just 50 pips. And I did not use stop-loss. I decided that I was going …
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Maksim_Chelnokov avatar

peachynicnic p.s. Strong storm at this moment in Macau / Zhuhai. I think in Hong Kong the same. I hope you at home and closed all windows. I forgot to close the window when walking out of home - and when i return 2 hours ago - half of my apartment was flooded with water, and I need to paint one wall))

Airmike avatar
Airmike 16 Sep.

Maksim - nice article. I know exactly how you felt. every single trader has to do own mistakes to learn. smart people say its better to learn from mistakes of other. but it doesn't work so well. now you know what you don't want and its just question of time to find painless way :) you can check my article about collecting and cutting exposure. maybe can help.

Maksim_Chelnokov avatar

Airmike  Thank you, i will check your article)

bharatholsa avatar

Nice article - thanks for sharing your experience with us ) To err is human - but to accept that you have erred requires courage. Bravo !!

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In what, from a sentiment point of view, Stop Loss and Take profit are fundamentally different? The difference, in my opinion, lies in the fact that I WANT the Take Profit to be reached, while I DO NOT WANT that Stop Loss is reached. Ok, that's not a breaktrough, I know... Though, there is an important difference regarding the psichology that I use when I put pending orders, and the psichology that stays beneath the other traders behavior. So: if I want to use this substantial psychological difference to trade as a winner, how should I do? Let me explain with an example: if I do not want anyone to find out something, the easiest and most effective way is to put it where no one would ever think to look. A good choice would be a completely illogical place. Do you remember The Purloined Letter, the short tale written by E.A Poe? Something like that, I suppose. On the other side, if I want something to be found, I will put it where everyone thinks that it might reasonably be. So, that's the idea about how I think we should reconsider the most common Stop Loss and Take Profit positioning methods: 1) put the Take Profit where everyone puts it. (on a support, a resistance, a fibo retracem…
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SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 21 Feb.

Interesting approach to SL and TP :) I can see the logic in following your advice regarding SL, but there are also good reasons to place the stop loss where it is more logical from a market/trend point of view, even if that's where most people place it as well.

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In this article I am going to discuss the following areas of importance with the EURUSD and how you should prepare for these levels.The EURUSD is by far the most popular pair that is traded, it links the two largest economies - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and EUROPE.Recent Events in Europe down to the growing sovereign debt crisis has led to a leap in Safe havens such as USD pushing EURUSD down.I believe that this trend will continue onwards and as such, in a long term outlook I am BEARISH EURUSD.Fundamentally A weaker EUR increases Exports as there goods and services are cheaper to buy from abroad and this is a good boost to all eurozone economies as they will get increased sales.In the very long term it is possible to believe that if the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) were to leave the EURO MONETARY UNION that it would be slicing the weaker nations leaving the "good" ones left and this could result in a large rise.ALL of the areas I will be referring to will have a HIGH R:R for any trader you could gain 5pips for every 1 quite easily with these high probability trades.Technically speaking though It is very OVERSOLD meaning any good news would mean a VERY fast whi…
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ansusimple avatar
ansusimple 16 Dec.

The analysis is good.... keep it up..

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 18 Dec.

Do you think it can go lower, or retrace upside from here? Check my analysis and tell me what you think +!

ritesh avatar
ritesh 22 Dec.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

Drackyboy avatar
Drackyboy 31 Dec.

good analysis +1

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