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In general, people are interested in learning and becoming profitable traders. However, all beginners should think about recognizing the basics before actually getting started.
Indeed, new traders tend to appreciate these tips imagining that it provides a guarantee of definite and permanent success. That's why they want more to know how to set up their tables so they can hurry and make money.
But if we all would like to trade well, one of the relevant question would be:
What are the essential tips to ensure our success in trading?

To succeed in trading, you have to recognize that there is a set of rules to apply. These rules are so useful that we can be certain that they serve to guide all traders (whether experienced or not). This is reciprocal for any amount of investment. Each tip might be important, but when used properly, the effects are effective. Trading with these rules can significantly increase the chances of succeeding in the markets.
Therefore, in this article I want to present some tips that will guide you to the path of success.
Tip 1: Always use a trading plan.
A trading plan is a set of rules that specifies the entry and exit criteria of currency change. A plan is b…
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Very good article!

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Miren 5 Mar.

Good tips!

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kosmos53 8 Mar.

Очень интересная работа

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Very good !

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Прописные истины. Но порой где-то происходит сбой и случается нарушение.

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Hello dear community members,
It was long time I was willing to write a good article about trading, with the intention to bring you some useful trading stuff, that could really help you to increase your profits in the market. For that purpose, I did a long research that took me a lot of time, trying to offer you the best materials I was able to found.
After collecting, selecting and synthetizing all that, I summarized in 18 points what I considered as most useful as follows:
1. Trading’s industry is a world of big conflict of interest. It is one of the less regulated business fields, being the aspirant trader its most vulnerable element.
2. The world of the retail traders is the most disadvantaged place – despite their good intentions, it is a well-known fact that on the long run, more than 95% of them end losing their money.
3. More than 95% of the aspirant traders are losers, simply because more than 95% of the information they have in their brains about trading’s world is false and toxic. 4. The point is that a novice trader has no possibility to differentiate what information is true and useful and which information is toxic and wrong. 5. It is possible to ir
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vadeguay 23 Feb.

Nice article. So when the trading doctor finds that your infection level is severe, does he then refer you to a Trading hospital? Are there any detox clinics in Ucraine? :)

SC4X avatar
SC4X 28 Feb.

Yes, this is good. Whilst your english is slightly incorrect (not that I am being negative of that and of course recognise that I do not speak/write in your language) - you have articulated the information very well and most notably have highlighted a quite a number of cutting issues; both within the industry and with the psychological. Your analogies for these are also great. I invite that you take this article / it's bullet points to the next level. ---- All the best.

VictoriaVika avatar

SC4X  Thank you very much, I appreciate your opinion! Have a great weekend :)

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Asylum 3 Oct.

Thanks for be good research work you do.

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This Article is about the New style Trader Contest and my experience with it that I would like to Share
This Article is built up in the following manner:
  • Introduction
  • Balance/Performance Points
  • Signal Subscriber Points
  • Orders Quality Points
  • Trader's Blog Points

A picture of the new layout/situation that I will be discussing in this Article


First of all I would like to say that I am, like many of you, excited about the new format of the Trader Contest
Putting the emphasis on balance, and making it easier to aquire additional points has made the competition more accesible
to a lot more traders and has lifted the fear and boundaries of showing what you have got as a trader
This new format has a couple of new rules, of course, and I hope that I can help you get to know them better
through this article which is based on the experience that I have had with the trader contest in December,
containing some points that I noticed, and some learning experiences of my own

The new Trader Contest is found on the usual page:
Be sure to care
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AdamFx42 avatar
AdamFx42 8 Jan.

Thanks, Likerty

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Skif 11 Jan.

thanks Adam, read your article, many moments of change become more apparent.

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AdamFx42 12 Jan.

Thank you, Skif

Airmike avatar
Airmike 12 Jan.

Nice article Adam. I think that new rules are better then old one, but there is still some things which make contest unreal. different as live trading. Your explanation is nice and helpful but I am little bit unhappy that ninja traders without long term performance will win over and over again. every month. Signal Subscriber points can help , but this rule is not going to solve whole problem. Order quality is also better as previous model, but it still very strange rule anyway.

AdamFx42 avatar
AdamFx42 12 Jan.

Thanks, Airmike

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In this Article I would like to share my Poker experience with you and help you achieve a higher, or even winning position in the Dukascopy Poker Contest. "I have won the Weekly-$750 and Daily-$100 Tournaments both once now, and came in third in the Daily Tournament on 26-7-$50" AdamFx42 (Picture: Logo taken from the Poker Contest Webpage, find the poker contest here: -- Click the 'Play' button to open the Poker environment) In my Article I will discuss: A. The variant of Poker that is played here: Texas No Limit Hold'em - a game that I have been playing online for a couple of years B. Some simple rules to follow as a novice that can help you get a long way in a tournament C. Some personal favorite rules and decisions in tournaments, that are also used by Famous Poker Players that help me win Here we go! A.Texas No Limit Hold'em Poker, also known as Texas Hold'eM or No Limit Hold'eM, is the most popular variant of Poker on-, and off-line, and has been for many years now. To try and explain the game here in detail would be to much, and is not the point of my …
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Faster 27 Aug.

i like +1

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alifari 31 Aug.

Really helpful for a newbie in Poker like me........... +

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Bernny 2 Sep.

Hi, Adam. very interesting that you made an effort and wrote this article. Very good. Kind regards

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velldes 10 Sep.

Nice article. Maybe is time for me to play poker... :)

Asmit929 avatar
Asmit929 11 Aug.

Nice article helped me for some time,but as usual I lose my patience and DAAM!!..I realise I lost everything!!

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Why I have just said 'How to loose your money'? Some opening words I have a way for trading. By this, it is acceptable to crush your account.But before I get it started I want to proceed to the title step by step, because it would be too ambiguous to start with.First of all I want to share you that, as far as I met people I Have found that there are there main sort of men by trade style. Trader types -The first type of trader is not afraid of changings, ready for learning everything, don't reject everything what is not in accordance with his own opinion.This type can be shaped. (Trader: The men who trade in the forex market, have learnt, have some strategy, and a wide knowledge about market mechanism. Not the irresponsible men who want to earn a lot of money in a few months from almost nothing, by other words the experienced trader=trader (He doesn't need to be successful) It means him advantage in trading. he can develop his knowledge about market, methods, approaches, and others.It doesn't mean him vast problem neither to change the place of stops nor the holding of stops.Theorycally this type if the most suitable for making strategies, modify them, learn all the time and develop…
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doctortyby avatar

You use a lot of Trading Psychology in your article, and that is a good thing. I think that every successful trader has crushed at least one or two little accounts in the beggining of his trading carreer or even after beeing profitable for a long time (...)

doctortyby avatar

but getting greedy at a certain point, or changing his profitable strategy without backtesting and testing it properly makes the human traders to slip from the profitable way. It is important to remain profitable on the long run.

SpecialFX avatar

First I was not sure if you were being ironic or not. But it really seems that you are serious when you say it is ok to blow out your account occasionally... I am sorry, but I completely disagree with that, it is the wrong message to give, especially to beginners, it shows disregard for risk IMO. If one day you want to trade full-time, blowing out your account (even if it is only part of a larger account) is the last thing you wanna do :)

Lincoln avatar
Lincoln 8 Oct.

I will send an article tomorrow, that will show you my opinion. But, you are right, it is interesting, but still can work.

Lincoln avatar
Lincoln 8 Oct.

Doctortyby, I have always respected you, it is a pleasure to see a comment with your name, thank you! I see a difference between the normal trade and the trade of strategy, by a particular way, I wrote about it my new strategy. (I don't want to advertise but here the space is finite.. And I wrote that strategy on purpose to answer these comments so I let you know, and all the best for u)

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The Beginning
Dream to become a forex trader? Do you have a stable computer and
internet connection? Do you have the latest trading system that guarantees
profits with little or no work? Are you ready to make millions and fire your
boss? If all ticks means you are great but are you really making money? OR well
that is easy tasks. Be honest all traders will start with that thought in the
beginning and think they are the smartest among their influences. In fact, many
are still struggling to make their fortune works in the forex market.
To make my story short, I blew my first live account in just
nearly 2 weeks with $10,000 gone with the wind. And that was my hardly earn of
1 year saving worth. I felt like a gambler at that time but luckily my wife was
not angry to me but with complains and disappointment in her face. My problem
was not using a stop loss in all my trades and opening several positions in
which I hit my first margin call ever. Of course I started to blame my broker
then high news the useless $5,000 - $10,000+ forex courses or even a cheap
robot/indicators/trading system from clickbank or plimus and just many as anything
you could probably think of. To be a pretended wis…
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foewenpo avatar
foewenpo 9 Feb.

@Jlongo - It is good if you have not blow any account especially in live. If you read my experience article above and learn well plus a wise man, I believe you can success if your passion is there.

foewenpo avatar
foewenpo 9 Feb.

@Doctortyby - I have my own trading plan, strategies and my own analysis by now. Of course keep an eye to everything important aspect during trading is essential. Thanks for the reminder.

ritesh avatar
ritesh 26 Feb.

this is something nice to read.

Bluedragon avatar
Bluedragon 29 Feb.

good luck ;)+1

Bluedragon avatar
Bluedragon 29 Feb.

good article ;) +1

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