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Welcome Traders and Readers,
This will be my first article here on Dukascopy and I hope the information will benefit you in the future.
As we are a community you can feel free to ask me any question, I will do my best to answer them all quickly. This also means that if there are multiple members who would like me to talk about some specific subject in a new article, please let me know.
In this article I will talk about multiple ways that will help you prevent overtrading, entering trades at exactly the wrong time and the use of different chart perspectives.
When I just started trading I found myself entering a lot of trades because I liked the price action and I thought my position would benefit me. Sadly all my losing trades showed me I didn’t had a clue about price action after all, this resulted in many loss trades or profitable trades which I closed way too quickly.
I think most of you who have actively been trading can relate to this.
To stop myself from opening trade after trade without being well informed and having any clue I started paying attention to the following:
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Vlad73 22 Nov.

good job

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FXNOAD 23 Nov.

Well done

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kish 23 Nov.


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JuliannaS 24 Nov.

Nice to read your articles )

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Blaise 25 Nov.

Nice one, enjoyed reading it !

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Diversify Everything!
When most traders hear the words diversify, they think of adding more instruments to their portfolio, more and different stocks, bonds from different countries etc. But diversification goes a lot further then this and can take on many forms. Ever thought about adding bitcoin or other non-traditional financial instruments? How about trading a losing system? Even that can make you money in the long run. In this article we’ll go over just some of the ways you can diversify and the benefits of this process.
1. Diversify Across Different Forex Pairs
Let’s start with the lower hanging fruit first. If you have a profitable trading system, test it on other forex pairs. If the system is solid, it will work similarly on other currencies as well. Let’s take a look at a simple trend following system in the Euro. The picture below shows the daily EUR/USD chart with applied 50 and 200 period simple moving averages. The 50 SMA is in red, while the 200 SMA is blue.
When the 50 SMA closes below the 200 SMA, this is called the ‘Death Cross’’. It’s generally considered a bearish trading signal, meaning more losses are likely to follow. The Euro gave out this signal in the su…
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хорошая работа)

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nice article!

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очень хорошо написано!

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Great article!

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Dear Traders,
At the beginning of my trading career, one of the questions I needed a precise answer to was pertinent to price charts time-frames, to be more specific:
  • Which time-frame chart to use?
  • How many charts do I need to reference to confirm my trade?
  • How to use them together effectively?

The entire purpose of this document is to provide a framework and a rule of thumb for this issue, which is solely reliant on the trader's experience stemming from trial and errors and surely losses. So, whether you are an experienced trader, an algo developer or a newbie. This document will add to your knowledge-base. Any names given within this document are not carved in stone, its the concept that matters.
1.1 Normal View:

Let's start by agreeing on the concept, your normal view or the time-frame chart you normally use guarantees you only 50% of the "Big Picture" of the market, as shown in figure 1 below. The "Normal View" is your most important chart. It’s the one that provides the trading’s signals that tell you of any buying or selling opportunities. In other words, it’s the one you normally use with the respective trading time-frame.
1.2 High Definition V
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Kivetat 29 Mar.


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Интересная статья и новый взгляд на торговлю ! Один только вопрос: как долго Вы торгуете ?

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Nihad 30 Mar.

yuriykhidzyk Овер 5 лет, и благодарю вас. Я надеюсь, что это полезно для вас.

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:) +10

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JuliaBF 31 Mar.

Impressive! Congratulations!

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TIME IN FOREXJune 7, 2013 Time time time what an important concept. It’s difficult to really estimate how important time in the Forex market is. Sometimes if you really think about it, it’s everything! So was a good example yesterday in the EURUSD and GBPUSD it was a time to buy!!! GBPUSD EURUSD EurUSD rallied about 215pips! Amazing! While GBPUSD rallied about 280pips in one day!! Whoa! Even more beautiful is that fact that I collected a 100pips on GU. I bought at just about the lowest point of the day and set my take point for 100ips (proof my username is healer and I am on the traders contest). I also collected a good amount of pips on EurUsd too about 50+. Do you know I wrote on the traders contest on my GU trade when I was entering it that anyone seeing it should follow me? This was over nine hours before the trade took its 100pips profit. How could I have known and be so sure? The answer is simple I knew the time to buy. Timing in forex trading is too important. There are various times in forex trading I would list some and endeavor to explain. 1. A TIME TO WAIT 2. A TIME TO BUY 3. A TIME TO SELL 4. A TIME TO BUY AND SELL TIME TO WAIT This is when your method of trading g…
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Victor 9 June

good gun

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healer 10 June

Oh victor you have made my weekend thanks a million and
pls help to share it thanks again

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geula4x 18 June

+1 Liked: interesting article. I'd like to read more about how you time your trades, systems that you use and so on. Happy trading :-)

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healer 3 July

Thank geula4x much appreciated i had login challenges within the month and this really affected my participation thanks alot much more would be seen of me and many good stuffs are ahead!

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