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Successful traders of philosophy As a successful trader, we must first consider the safety of the funds, and can bear how much loss. 1. Placing stop loss is to guarantee the safety of the funds is the most effective and direct way. 2. The light warehouse trade is the biggest can ensure traders head effectively keep trading system operation. If you order the loss, begin to affect your trading psychological mood, it will affect your judgement. The largest is probably illegal trading system operation. 3. The dealer is the profit and loss of trade for a long time by the dealer to win the number of times plus the number of profit points less loss and loss of points to calculate and measure. 4, effective capital management and the risk of loss control but also the biggest guarantee successful traders. 5, to analysis the market in a consolidation phase, rising trend, still drop trend. To do more, do empty strategy, 6, to check the order is correct, including the order number, stop position, direction of order. 7, to understand different currency fluctuation properties of size, suitable for take trend band operation or to take consolidation operation strategy. 8, must b…
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ZHOU 8 Jan.

My English is not good, please carefully read the article hope to be able to read my article. Thank you for the support and love

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captain 17 Jan.

Agreed. If the market takes your funds, you cannot continue trading. We have to protect our capital.

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ante777 21 Jan.

Good article.

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SpecialFX 24 Jan.

Zhou, one suggestion I'd give would be to divide big blocks of text into smaller paragraphs, so that it makes it easier to read and you also get more "Quality" points from Dukascopy :)

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ZHOU 25 Jan.

Thank you, your advice. I really like your advice :)

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Very important to note :The basis of my strategy are supply and demand areas. Without any specific supply or demand area we dont need to check for further indicators.If we have a supply or demand area we try to find some of the indicators mentioned in this article to increase our odds of a successful trade.The more indicators provide our trading idea, the more likely our target will be hit..... logic ? Isn‘t it ? Bearish engulfing outside bar PinbarsIn my opinion the pinbar reversal pattern is one of the most powerful candlestick reversal patterns out there.If you identify correctly and take the major ones they can produce consistently profits.This single bar reversal pattern is able to earn a lot of cash for you.And that‘s why most traders love it, because it is a single bar pattern, easy to spot, easy to trade.Often pinbars develop at swing highs and lows, this is interesting if we combine it with demand and supply areas to catch the reversal points.Again we can combine it with divergence of course to squeeze all odds out of can find my divergence course here in past articles called ( the power of divergence) What is a pinbar at all ?A pinbar is a candlestick pattern whe…
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I like the fact that you have explained the patterns and you have given clear examples with chart images.

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You can use the Order Flow Book (right now we have SWFX sentiment index, COT charts and Market Depth availeble at Dukascopy Bank) to see if the supply and demand areas in your chart are confirmed by the open orders.

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litsat 9 Oct.

very good. Everything I use in real trading :) wish you the first place

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Mado 10 Oct.

thanks guys
@doctortyby yeah thanks your article is so good with my strategy

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hedonist 11 Oct.

Interesting article Mado. In my experience, people trading the lareger timeframes your talking about are more often trend followers. Do you think its harder to make money being a contrarian on the monthly timeframes?

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or About the impact of total control over the person on the trader's work"
How to determine in what state the most favorable conditions for business
and investment,
because there are also some differences between them? Quite simply, this
information is officially puglare in directories that are available to every
citizen of the planet - Statistics.
And a poor trader who does not understand the significance of such statistics.
First of all statistics are the standard of living and consumption. In Russia,
for example, only
20% of the population believes the situation peaceful and prosperous. Ukraine,
rated developing countries, compiled by the UN lags behind other countries on
the conditions of life, - she at the 76th place among 177 countries.
A more truthful are the expert comparative assessment. For example the Russian
Class - 41% of the population, the American middle class - 65% of the
From these statistics we can conclude about the general level of terror and exploitation
of the population.
In economic statistics, the UN under the poverty line in Ukraine are 78% of the
people! If the one of the Ukrainian market basket less internati…
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CASPI 16 Apr.

Meaning of an article. However, I do not know English. I read the Google translation make. Meaning is corrupted .... I believe it is a good article .. Good luck.

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The results of the first quarter
The first three months of 2012 will be remembered traders with conflicting
economic data. On the one hand, the U.S. economy continued to recover. On
the other hand, there have been alarming news from China, as well as disappointing
news about the economic state of the eurozone. Among the main drivers of
financial activity in the first quarter were also geopolitical risks and
concerns associated with sovereign debt crises.
stock markets have shown impressive results, approaching levels where they were
before the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers: the S & P gained 14% while the
NASDAQ rose by 18%. Brent crude was trading at around $ 125 per barrel. Price
increases contributed to the tense situation in Iran, and constrained them to talk
about the possible opening of the strategic oil reserves. High oil prices have
a negative impact on global demand and the economies of developed countries.
To begin to say a few words about how to develop the economy of the United
States, the eurozone and China since the beginning of this year.
U.S. GDP growth rate rose
from 0.4% (q / q) in the first three months of 2011 to 3.0% in the last quarter
of last year.
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European Union ends the 2011 year on the brink of economic collapse. Start another one that is threatened by recession, say analysts and experts, in some places and statistics. EU economy to a halt in 2011 and is likely to be restarted minimum in the first half of 2012. What were the most important decisions and mistakes in a year where the euro and EU unity were more threatened than ever? Responses are seen in the five EU summits. How many victims did political crisis? What will change in the EU now?GREECE
BATHS first signs appear in January 2010, when EU report found and
condemned Greece for "serious irregularities" in public finances. The
statistical data were reported incorrectly, and calculations show that
Brussels budget deficit of the country the previous year is revised up
to 12.7% from 3.7%, which meant four times more than the maximum allowed
by EU regulations. In February, Greece announces the first austerity measures and the EU put additional pressure for spending cuts. Was first strikes and protests, Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou while insisting that Greece needs a rescue program. Euro
area and the IMF agree emergency aid of 22 billion to help Greece, but -
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ovidiu_gnt 13 Jan.

Perhaps it will be crisis in the euro area , but is likely to increase euro ? Good luck !

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WallStreet 13 Jan.

if the greece will be fall.the euro will be stronger!

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kkforex 19 Jan.

Great writeup. What do you think will happen in 2012? 1+

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corneliu 20 Jan.

good luck +1 :) interesting

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WallStreet 28 Jan.

euro will be in 13.400 this wait for a low prince and then you can buy stronger on long term!

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You are probably aware that one of the most important concepts that you have to understand in order to achieve Forex success is that you must maximize your profits on your winning trades whilst minimizing your losses on your losers. If you are a novice or have been trading for a short time, then you may have already experienced a run of poor performances.You must always remember that even successful forex traders suffer more losing trades than winning ones over any given time-frame. However, they always ensure that the win:loss and risk:reward ratios of their trading strategies guarantee that they will achieve profits over the long haulHere are a few ideas that you might tryYou must never over trade your account by risking more than your budget can comfortably sustain. In addition, if you are trying to trade more than one currency pair, then you should cut back. You can always trade more once you are proficient at trading one currency pair.Perhaps you have become jaded by trading forex for too long. If so, then take a break and gather your thoughts and allow your sub-conscious to process all your trading experiences to date. You might get a flash o…
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adask avatar
adask 11 Oct.

Nice article, several very good ideas. But I do not agree that "even successful forex traders suffer more losing trades than winning ones over any given time-frame". I do not agree. For example scalping generates more winners than losers ;)

ritesh avatar
ritesh 12 Oct.

Another great article.... +1

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Milani 12 Oct.

Super article. Great comment,

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Socrates 13 Oct.

good article

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madiha 19 Oct.

nice article

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