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It is my hope you are doing fine in making money constantly and you remember every success strategies that you preferred, every Technics you might employ and every piece of education you might have. I would like to share with you a little time of information that will not only help you achieving good education but also helping you see through everything needed for great success in forex market.
INTRODUCTION Succeeding in forex trading, need some of the important mechanisms which will enable you to know when you should open your trade, when to close and when you have to do whatever you can in order to reduce risks. Some says “trading is risks’ trick” because every trader out there has his/her difficult times in losing but the different is, the good trader will stick to the original plans until it goes well again but novice traders will keep changing strategies until he/she got no other moves.
MONEY MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES The principles of money management address risk from the angle of the trader, relating the market to both the adopted trading methodology and the trading investment. It is important to remember that the result of a specific trade is reliant upon many variables and …
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mermaid 19 Apr.

Хорошая работа.

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very well done!

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Hashimu 20 Apr.

thank you all. I will continue giving you what i think is the best considering that is what i do like everyday and it has greatest impact in my trading skills..

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very useful article! nice job!

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Forex Day Trading During These Hours
The Forex market is open 24-hours a day, but not all those hours are active and worth trading. Most day traders seek out activity and movement; if a Forex pair isn’t moving, profit potential is reduced, and the spread—the difference between bid price and ask price—can slowly erode the trader’s account if they trade during these quiet times. By trading only during the most active times, day traders can capitalize on the activity and avoid the doldrums.
Global Trading Sessions
The forex market doesn’t have a centralized location; rather, it’s a network of banks, brokers and traders which facilitate trade around the clock during the week. Due to the various time zones around the planet there’s always a market open somewhere. For example, London is open for business from 3 AM EST until noon. New York and Toronto are open from 8 AM EST to 5 PM. At 5 PM Sydney opens, followed by Tokyo and then London again. A market is always open somewhere, but that market may not necessarily actively trade all Forex pairs. For example, after the U.S. market closes, Sydney and Tokyo open. Pairs that include the Australian dollar or Japanese Yen will see some activity…
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Traders emerges and vanishes with couple of months and they go back to their normal work saying trading isn’t for me. Initially they thought Trading is like playing kids game by watching YouTube videos, reading some old/outdated techniques but reality is two edged sword it will cut you from both side. After some years some traders will come back by collecting their hard earned money to take revenge but as usual they will cut and lose never come back to Trading again in their life.
Dukascopy observed above scenarios and their built University (Dukascopy Contest) for people like us who don’t have knowledge and investment on Trading but Why so many Contests?

Trader Contest:

Trading is like one Country and trading contest is like president of that nation, he is the one who drive the country but at the same we need other ministers (Other contests) as well to make a country successful in long way. He needs idea of respective minster to make power/critical decision ( ex: Gold market is going down, what it implies and how its co-related to country like USA and how to get profit from it) in critical time to make it country very successful.
Signal Provider Grand Pri
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vladik98 30 June


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Vlad73 30 June

very good

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McWallt 1 July

cool !

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very good

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Hi, friends I want to share with you all, how I am feeling being a Dukascopy community member. Few days ago one of my relative told me to visit Dukascopy site. His description about Dukascopy was , here you can earn without investing, you can grow in trading with other traders by following them. And there is much scope for personal growth as well. And I am very much happy to be a member of Dukascopy community.
When I visited and opened a community account I found 13 contest to participate. When I compared with other brokers, Dukascopy is the single broker to offer these many contests. And for girls there are different contests as well. Among all these contest one have flexibility to choose a contest which suits them. There is a proverb "sky s the limit", which perfectly suits Dukascopy community membership. Here there is no restriction or there are no terms and condition like, If you win prize you cannot participate next time. So all depends on your hard work and efforts, you can participate in as many contests as you wish and can win prizes as many times.
One thing I liked most, Dukascopy is the only broker which offers free automated trading services. Besides they are teaching ho…
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brilliant 24 Nov.

thanks for sharing your experament

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Beto 13 Dec.

You are very welcome, and yes this community is amazing.
In the mid-term, we can improve our skills.

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Results of technical analysis contest

I saw in the article library some guides “How to win” this contest or that contest and I have to say, I am bit afraid few of them are not very useful. Even if these easy steps don't work, guys who wrote these articles won in article contest. That's the good reason to show something I have done in past months. I also would like to use this magic words combination in this article but I can't offer guarantee that some people can win. What I can offer is real track record in technical analysis contest, because I won some money almost every round. Problem is that I haven't trade my forecasts, because I thought that most of these analyses are too risky for real market. I would like to show you how wrong I was about this opinion. This is a complete research of every single analysis I put to the technical analysis contest from beginning of the contest in April till November.

In picture below you can see all my forecasts. Blue color is long position and red color is short position. You can see entry price and close price of each analysis.
In next table you can see profit and loss of every single analysis. Red color is loss and blue is profit.
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seediee 20 Jan.

Nice, you really put a big effort to create the article and charts. It is very important to write journal every day. :) keep going!

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anton_dang 20 Jan.

well done :)

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Metal_Mind 20 Jan.

The article is nice. I love the images but you didn't told us the secret. You only told us that you use quantitive analyses. Nonetheless great job here and great job in TA.

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Airmike 20 Jan.

:) marketing :). No I can explain everything but to be honest, I don't want to let my competitors to beat me that easy. I want to keep something for myself.

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pacho74 23 Jan.

good job +1

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