Now a day, the technology is taking over in many aspects of everyone’s life. Obviously the financial field cannot escape this reality. And due to aggressive marketing in the forex, many “robots and combo: R&C” (R&C = robots, social trading, autocopy trading, cyborg trading, trading signals, etc.) are commercialized to everyone in the forex market, and it seems that they are replacing significantly the manual trading. Is the robotized trading more effective than the manual one? Can we use the R&C effectively in order to be profitable? Because one thing we need to understand is that the robots will never replace humans in the forex trading market, the same way that the technology cannot replace completely the mean essence of everything: the human being.
In the forex, robots are software codified to takes trading decisions: open/close positions, send trading signals, generate trading alerts, etc. The introduction of robots in the forex divides the trading world in 2 realities reflected in the forex statistics: a) around more than 95 to 99% of the forex R&C are not profitable; b) around 80 to 95% of human trading manually are not profitable. Then, it is a fact …
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