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In this article I want to share with you my thoughts on current situation and possible future developments of four major currency pairs : EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF and USDJPY.
It is crucial that you have read my previous article Trading The Levels Correctly. If you have not done so this may not make sense for you.
Markings used in this article are as follows :
Green ellipse with a letter ( no number ) means that this is a level from where everything basically starts. It is a level that has had a fake breakout in regards to it. Green ellipse with letter and number represents a fake breakout. Therefore A1 is a fake breakout of level A. Blue lines are support and the red ones are resistance levels.
Purple dashed lines represent round numbers that are or might be important to particular currency pair.
Rectangles are used just to draw more attention to the selected area.

There are two charts dedicated for each pair - monthly and weekly. Let's go ahead.
1.1.EURUSD Monthly chart
Direction of a pair is clearly bearish. Price has gone through the very strong level 1.2402 ( C ) with an impulsive move. This level served as a strong support for 8 years in conjunction wit…
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good info

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good one

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good analytics

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very good

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Данная статья посвящена принципу работы, созданной мною стратегии, на основе индикаторов T3 и S&R (ссылка на стратегию ). Также, в статье представлена инструкция, о том, как получить данные по трейдам и индикаторам на историческом тестере (шаг за шагом).
Условие открытия позиций
*Risk % рассчитывается в привязке к SL и каждый трейд будет нести риск во столько процентов от депозита, сколько вы укажете. То есть если SL = 10 pips , a Risk % = 1 то при депозите в 100 000$ объем сделки будет равен 0.01 mio итд.

Когда значение индикатора Т3 меняется с DownTrend на UpTrend и наоборот, стратегия проверяет условие: меньше или равна дистанция от индикатора до последнего значения S&R поддержки(зеленые точки), значению SL SizeLimit, как показано на изображении ниже.
При нисходящем тренде SL SizeLimit измеряется от синих точек индикатора S&R.
Закрываются позиции по ТР или при смене тренда.
Анализ данных на историческом тестере.

Для того чтобы получить данные следует установить настройки как на изображении ниже. *Тестер, по окончании работы, сохранит отчеты и сообщения в папку Документы, на вашем компьютере.
Запускаем тестирование.
Полученные данные, открываем в программе MS Exc…
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FX90 29 Feb.

thank you and good luck

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Thank you too!) And wish u good luck for the following month!

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@Illya thanks a lot

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Luck for everybody!! Yiiiiha!!! :)

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@Natali_Niyazova Right Natali, Luck for everyone!)))Yooopppiiii :)

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Most traders overcomplicate their trades with too many laggy indicators, over trading, lack of money management , fear and greed. After trying out many different technical strategies and blowing up tons of money I have become consistent trader using "Price Action" trading and proper money management. I don't trade 1 min - 15 min charts as they don't show clear direction of a trend or ranging market. Risk Reward ratio is a must in a trading if you want to become a successful trader. If your risk to reward per trade is 1:2 then all you need is 35% win rate to be a profitable trader (35% win rate trader is not a good trader by the way).
10 risk reward trades with 60% win rate example:

risk reward 1:1= risking X number of pips to make X number of pips
risk reward 1:2= risking X number of pips to make (double of risks) 2X number of pips
risk reward 2:1 = risking 2X number of pips to make X number of pips
for trading simplicity lets consider per trade is $5.
.....1:1 ......................... .....................................1:2 ..................................................2:1
10 trades ................................................10 Trades...................................…
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Did you utilyze pending orders ?

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no i didn't. Pending orders are great if you are not infront of the chart or think you might miss the trade

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