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In my previous articles i have written about my simple automated strategies and how i created them , But today i will be doing something on Advance trend trading and visual confirmation of price movement . In this article i will be discussing on how i use of Support and resistance levels to trade in the trending Markets and Remember when you trade at trending markets the probabilities of success automatically increases because direction of market has already decided and most of people are already trading and placing their orders in the same direction. So when you trade with the mass public success rate of your trade already becomes higher.
It has been a usual statement by market technicians that the simplicity of the mkt is its greatest disguise.Technical analysis is a science that anticipates short-term price changes by using recent patterns, trends, reversals, and ranges.This fascinating topic has as its foundation in the concept of support and resistance, the borders of a trading range in which trading action occurs.
As the cornerstone of all technical approaches to price study, support and resistance is perhaps the most important con…
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well done!

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I am not the first who will write about binary options and surely not the last.
In this article I will try to show the main theory on entries, which time frame to look at and how long must be the duration. There are differences between other currencies but I will concentrate on the most used pair - EUR/USD because it is with lowest possible spread.
Binary options as it is well known is a choice between PUT and CALL (figure 1).
Figure 1 You double your initial deposit on the win and lose everything if wrong. There are some methods for protection. Presently in Dukascopy you can save from 5% to 20% (Figure 2)
Figure 2
of your initial risk amount on 1 option but I am not sure who use it and how helpful it is. Usually I risk all for the maximum reward of 90%. You can set Pending option to start in predefine time. You can start immediate Option but it will start in 2 seconds delay so be careful with this.
So this are the basics which I suppose everybody well know. The main idea of using Binary option is to catch the good opportunity. It is similar to trading - you buy (Call) the low price (support) and sell (PUT) the high price resistance. And usually as in trading the high price …
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