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Did you know that $1,000 investment by George Soros in 1969 would be worth more than $ 4 million to date? This individualistic Manager of a hedge Fund gets a huge annual profit. His flagship Quantum Fund, is venerated by the investors. Despite the animosity generated by his trading tactics and the controversies surrounding his investment philosophy, George Soros spent decades at the head of his class among the world's elite investors. In 1981, Institutional Investor magazine named him "the greatest money Manager in the world." The philosophy of Soros
George Soros is a short-term speculator. It opens a huge position with high leverage in the direction of financial markets. His famous hedge Fund is known for its global macrostrategies, a philosophy centered around making massive, unilateral transactions on the movements of currency exchange rates, commodities, equities, bonds, derivatives and other assets based on macroeconomic analysis. Simply put, Soros expects the value of these investments will either increase or decrease. It's intuitive to trade on the basis of scientific studies and run on instinct. Soros examines their goals, allowing the movements of various financial marke…
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Soros is great investor, but very bad man

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very interesting

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прочла с интересом .

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Nicely written!

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Очень интересно!

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Summary of last articles
In this article, summary of the last 5 articles wrote about Trading Forex Using Margins or Binary Options will be done.

Trading Forex using margins have a lot of advantages and limitations, the same, Trading Forex using binary options, but for traders like us existence of multiple trading options is not luxury, it should be beneficial for us, we should use margins when its benefits exceeded the benefits of binary options, also, we should use binary options when its benefits exceeded the benefits of trading using margins.
Advantages of Trading Forex using margins:
  • Ultimate profits, you can make profits without any limitations.
  • Your sell or buy instrument may continue as long as you can.
  • You can close your buy or sell transaction at any time.
Disadvantages of Trading Forex using margins:
  • Using high margins may cause quick and big losses for you, sometimes, change of margins due to weekends or due to financial crisis may make your trading complicated and may cause unexpected losses for you.
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